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Now that the SHPE UD chapter has a new directive, with high expectations, this year we want to make our SHPE chapter an official chapter by completing the SHPE National Report and hopefully getting the opportunity to host the RLDC for region 6.

A. We also want to complete all the assignment given to us by our regional and national leaders.

B. As a chapter we want to make a name for ourselves by completing all of the core programs/events possible.

SHPE Tutoring

A. Go to a high school’s around the Dayton area and help Hispanic students in their academics, such as English, mathematics, science courses.

B. Encourage at least 5 members to attend the tutoring sessions every week.  This will be done by having a calendar.

C. The SHPE junior chapter is a goal we hope to reach soon.  The tutoring program that I previously explained is a part of a different organization and we were asked to help.  Eventually we hope to spread out and start the SHPE junior chapter.

D. Some of our members have made contact with surrounding schools and have begun tutoring.  We hope to be able to build on that and eventually use these first schools as our starting spot.

Professional Development

A. Our chapter will organize at least two professional development seminars each semester of the school year.  These seminars are intended for the members to develop their skills and knowledge that will help them succeeds as engineers.

B. Choose both seminars that will be given in each semester early in the semester.  Multiple options will be given to the members for them to choose which seminar will be given.

C. Invite SHPE professionals from the Ohio South-West Chapter to talk about their experiences in SHPE and engineering.

D. Keep developing the relationship with the professional Ohio South-West chapter in order to participate in joint activities and give members hands on opportunity in professional networking.

E. Create better relationships with other UD organizations and network to participate in these seminars together. 

Communication Improvements 

Our chapter will improve communication among members and executive board in order to better involve all of our members.  This will be done with the ultimate goal of all creating an organization where all members feel an equal level of importance and allegiance. 

To reach the desired goal the following steps will be taken

1. Meetings will be held with a previously designed detail agenda with a specific goal and break down of the topics to be discussed.

2. Bi-weekly mandatory meetings will be held. Every other Tuesday of every month at 9:15 pm. This time is subject to change depending on our new incoming members of the fall 2011 semester.

3. On the opposite Tuesdays of every month, Executive Board meetings will be held. ALL members will be welcomed to attend in order to voice their opinions.

4. Newly elected secretary along with the vice president (internal/external) will be responsible for keeping attendance and meeting minutes for all meetings. These minutes will then be sent out to all members, advisors and all other parties interested regardless of whether or not they were able to attend that night’s meeting.

5. Attendance to meetings and events will be encouraged through a newly designed point system. This point system will be used to award scholarship and other monetary aids to the corresponding “point leaders”.