Studio Theatre

The Studio Theatre Program of the Theatre Division of the Department of Communication intends to provide production of an experimental and exploratory nature.

As an adjunct to both the academic and major production functions of the Division, it offers majors and non-majors who are interested in theatre the chance to explore their range of talents in a learning environment not subject to the more stringent requirements of a major production. It provides, more over, the possibility of performing characters, cuttings, scenes, acts, and plays that, for one reason or another, cannot be produced in the Main stage season. As such it is considered a training ground for actors, directors, and technicians, and healthy, helpful criticism is therefore a part of its nature.

Audition Information

How to Audition:

Auditions vary by show, but typically involve one or more of the following:

-Reading from a provided monologue

-Reading from a prepared monologue

-Performing a character voice                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Acting out a short scene, by yourself or with others

Callback/Cast List should be posted within one week of the date of the audition. Directors will provide more specific information regarding their own audition process.

Upcoming Auditions:

No upcoming auditions.

Calendar of Events

April 11th and 12th at 8pm -  One Acts
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Studio Theatre
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College Park Center, Room 155

Phone: (937) 229-3685


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