Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

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This is the news archive. Here you will find past news about  exciting things that have happened with our chapter, everything from new little penguins joining our lovely sisterhood to awards that we've won and big little pairs. This is where you will find out about the Alpha Psi Chapter at the University of Dayton. If you want even more news about our chapter check out our facebook page!

Meet Our Newest Big/Little Pairs

Alexis Terzian– Allie Allen and Bre Hale 

Kelley Moeller–Amanda Carter 

Jessie Henry–Vanessa Carter 

Megan Stucko–Felecia Gonzalez

Diana Kaiser–Megan Hammond 

Emilee Langenkamp–Lauren Hanzel and Becca Sutherland 

Angela Donatelli–Emily Hoelter 

KG–Anne Jupena 

Lauren Banfield–Danielle Kloke

Kayliegh Kavanagh–Pam Malone

Julia Guagenti–Alyssa Motyl 

Amy Timmerman–Morgan Nickerson

Brooke Skyllingstad–  Samantha Nowak

Courtney Heckman–Maddey Pineault

Mary Kate Currier–Julie Radish

Erin Yacovoni–Amanda Reitenbach

Congratulations to our New Little Penguins

Allie Allen

Amanda Carter

Vanessa Carter 

Felecia Gonzalez

Bre Hale 

Megan Hammond

Lauren Hanzel

Emily Hoelter

Anne Jupena 

Danielle Kloke 

Pam Malone

Morgan Nickerson 

Samantha Nowak

Maddey Pineault

Julie Radish

Amanda Reitenbach

 Alyssa Motyl

Becca Sutherland

Welcome to the Sisterhood!

Congratulations to our Newest Big-Little Pairs

Olivia Glavac–Lauren Banfield

Brooke Skyllingstad–Kristina Boyarsky

Angela Donatelli–Kathryn Dean 

Mary Kate Currier–Emily Erdman

Annie Miller–Elisha Evanko

Kaitlin Boyd–Tara Fritsch

Patsy Rowan–Julia Guagenti

Shannon Kley (Phillips)–Megan Hosang

Katie Coughlin–Kayla Jansen

Kathryn Schaber–Laura Donohue

Morgan Stehman–Diana Kaiser

Erin Yacovoni–Melissa Lemay

Catherine Geiger–Carissa Madderom

Lindsey Kuvin–Caroline Pearce

Christine Lazorchick–Ashley Robichaux and Amanda Schultz

Rachel Major–Kristin Shelton

Maggie Reuter–Clare Spence

Amy Timmerman–Maggie Stemnock

Becca Hale–Anne Sventy

Sarah Thompson–Reilly Vohasek

Jessie Henry–Emily Welch

Beth Golanka–Elizabeth Wirrig

Meet our Newest Penguins!

Lauren Banfield

Kristina Boyarsky

Kathryn Dean

Emily Erdman

Elisha Evanko

Tara Fritsch

Julia Guagenti

Megan Hosang

Kayla Jansen

Laura Donahue

Diana Kaiser

Melissa Lemay

Carissa Madderom 

Caroline Pearce

Ashley Robichaux

Amanda Schultz

Kristin Shelton

Clare Spence

Maggie Stemnock

Anne Sventy

Reilly Vohasek

Emily Welch

Elizabeth Wirrig

Welcome to the Sisterhood!