Call for 2014 UDCR RECkids Camp Counselors

UD Campus Recreation is looking for positive role models to serve as our 2014 RECkids Camp staff. It’s a job where you make decisions that impact and change lives. This job will challenge you to turn adversity into the best part of being at camp. It’s a job that lets you be a hero and a friend. Yes, this is a real job! This is a job that can have a positive impact on you, not just for the summer but for the rest of your life. 

UDCR’s RECkids Camp is a recreationally-based day camp promoting healthy lifestyles for six to twelve year old children. Most camp activities occur in the RecPlex and around UD’s campus.  Our goal is to inspire campers to discover their best selves through playful inquiry, cooperative learning, and positive group culture.

Our goal is to assemble a staff of hard-working, fun, energetic, and responsible UD students with solid decision making skills. Counselors typically work between 20 and 40 hours per week for eight week-long sessions. Sessions begin June 2nd and conclude August 1st. Training starts Tuesday, May 27th. There is some flexibility in shift hours and schedules for students that will be taking classes or traveling over the summer.  Before completing your application, please consider carefully whether or not RECkids Camp is right for you. There is a lot of diversity among the 2000+ camps in the United States. We want to know whether or not we are the right fit for you, as well as you being right for us.

Camp Counselor Job Description

Camp counselors work with boys or girls age 6 to 12 in and around the RecPlex facility and surrounding UD campus, serving as mentors, role models and friends to their campers. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Help campers adjust to camp life, create a sense of community within each age group, and helping campers learn to work and play together.
  • Assist with all scheduled daily activities including: assist and facilitate opening assembly, instruct (or assist with) activity periods and interest groups, plan all camp activities, and assist with special events. Activities include, but are not limited to sports, art, games, gardening, sustainability initiatives, cooking, health and wellness, science, service,  group challenges, and outdoor pursuits.
  • Set the “spirit” of camp by example. Counselors guide campers in Campus Recreation’s Choose Well, Live Well philosophy in connection to UD’s Catholic and Marianist values, and are responsible for ensuring the safety and health of campers by adhering to camp policies and procedures.
  • Certified in CPR for the Professional Rescuer and Basic First Aid (training available prior to camp for accepted candidates). 


It is very important that you submit your application today on If you delay, this position will be filled by other applicants. The first round of interviewing will occur in early March. If you have questions about the hiring process or position, please feel free to contact me via email at or via phone at 937-229-2732. A more detailed job position description is attached