Commitment to Community


The Catholic and Marianist vision of education makes the University of Dayton community unique. It shapes the "warmth of welcome"1 we first experience when we arrive on campus and the family spirit we treasure long after graduation. It calls us to academic rigor integrated with faith and life. It challenges each of us to take up the hard work necessary to build the intellectual, spiritual, religious, moral, physical, and social dimensions of our educational community.2

Do you feel challenged to a deeper understanding of community and responsibility?

Commitment to Community highlights three Catholic and Marianist principles for learning and living in community and the seven key habits that are derived from them. You are called to understand these principles and to develop these habits. Doing so will strengthen our educational community and will prepare you to live as a mature member of society. 

1. Rule of Life of the Society of Mary, (Dayton, OH: Marianist Press, 1984), article 8.

2. “A Vision of Excellence,” University of Dayton. September 2005. Available at

Practicing Virtuous Behavior Develops Virtuous People.

The Commitment to Community at the University of Dayton enables students to understand the principles of community living operative in the Catholic and Marianist tradition and fosters critical reflection to develop habits for living aligned with these values.

Administrators, faculty, staff, and students utilize both the full document and the more simplified C2C pledge as a framework to challenge students and organizations to engage in the hard work necessary to build the intellectual, spiritual, religious, moral, physical, and social dimensions of the educational community.  When students embrace and live by these principles and habits, they are more able to become persons of great character and integrity committed to building community in the world that is reflective of a Catholic and Marianist education.

Do you know the Three Principles for Community Living?

Behavior, expectations, policies and relationships at the University of Dayton are guided by the Catholic moral tradition. Commitment to Community highlights three Cahtolic and Marianist principles for learning and living in community. These principles are Community Living is Essential for Learning, The Dignity of Every Person, and The Common Good. Understanding these principles will strengthen our educational community and prepare you to live as a mature member of society. 


Seven Habits Can Change Your Life - And Our Community.

Good choices made repeatedly over time develop into habits, which have a positive lifelong influence. The seven habits are essential for living the Catholic and Marianist vision of community. Individuals, groups and organizations are called to develop these habits. 

How do we challenge? We challenge one another.

Each habit is supported by specific behavior examples and a reflective question that challenges you to examine your behavior and to hold one another accountable to these standards of living in community.  Through C2C, we are reminded and challenged to develop habits that "strengthen the educational community at UD and prepare us to live as mature members of society."

New Times Call For New Methods.

C2C History

Developed in 2005 as a collaborative initiative between Student Development and Campus Ministry, the University of Dayton's Commitment to Community (C2C) served as an introduction to the student handbook and was utilized in the new community standards process.  It quickly became a practical foundational articulation of the values of the University and began to be used within programs throughout campus. What is unique about C2C is that it is not just a philosophical document; it is a living commitment evident in the interactions of our students, faculty, and staff on a daily basis.  Strong collaboration between Student Development and Campus Ministry was, and continues to be, vital to C2C development and implementation.


A State of Mind

04.17.2012 | Campus and Community, Catholic, StudentsAs an advancing top-tier Catholic research institution, our Commitment to Community remains evident as an integral aspect of our campus life at the University of Dayton. The National Association for Student Affairs at Catholic Colleges and Universities has awarded the University of Dayton the 2012 ASACCU Best Practices Award in the Dean of Students category. For more information please read A State of Mind.

Honored for Community Service

05.13.2011 | Service and Giving, Campus and CommunityWhile further integrating Catholic and Marianist values into our campus culture, others also recognize the connection between our Commitment to Community and the university's motto of Learn, Lead, and Serve. Honored for Community Service acknowledges the University of Dayton's being named to the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.

We're All About Community. But Sometimes We Single Out a Few.

Among our favorite activities are the opportunities to recognize and applaud the people who help make the University of Dayton such a special place.

We look forward to these moments when we can put the spotlight on the spiritual and intellectual contributions our faculty, staff and students make. These award winners take steps to help us enhance the Catholic and Marianist characteristics that set the University of Dayton apart.

When you see who's on the lists of past recipients, you'll understand why this is one of the best things we do every year.

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Community. We Believe in Doing Things Together.

In an attempt to achieve the Commitment to Community goal of increasing students’ understanding of community in the Marianist tradition, we are seeking students with a passion to assist in the promotion of this instrumental and foundational message to your fellow students.

If you are interested in being a leader in promoting the C2C in creative ways, please contact the Dean of Students office at 937-229-1212 or Campus Ministry at 937-229-3369 or email