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Students who desire evaluation and treatment for ADD must be seen for an initial physician appointment and will be required to sign the following policy:

Students who already have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and request medication from the Health Center need to bring documentation of their diagnosis and current treatment from their prescribing physician at home, along with the physician's fax number. Health Center physicians may continue their prescription here. Students should be given a handout about "Resources for Students with ADHD at UD".

Students who have not been previously diagnosed with ADHD but are concerned about their symptoms should be evaluated by a Health Center physician. If history and physical findings suggest ADHD, the student may then be referred to the Counseling Center for concurrence and exclusion of other psychological causes of their symptoms.  If both CC and HC agree that ADHD is the diagnosis, a trial of medication can be undertaken. If successful, the student may continue at the HC for prescriptions. They should also then receive the "Resources for Students with ADHD at UD" handout. If symptoms are not sufficiently improved with medication, further evaluation is recommended via referral to a local psychiatrist or psychologist. New ADHD evaluations should not be scheduled after mid-March unless the student will be on campus during the summer.

Students who are previously diagnosed with ADHD but are not seeing UD physicians for this diagnosis may still be offered the informational handout "Resources for Students with ADHD at UD."

Students given treatment at the Health Center for ADD/ADHD must read and electronically sign the ADD/ADHD Stimulant Medication Consent Form (.doc).