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Requesting Extended Stay & Early Arrival

When and How to request EX/EA

The application for extended stay and early arrival opens approximately one (1) month prior to the extended stay/early arrival period and closes approximately two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of the extended stay/early arrival period.

All requests can be submitted HERE.

Monday, March 31 – The application for May 2014 extended stay or early arrival opens.

Monday, April 21 – The deadline to request May 2014 extended stay or early arrival.

Instructions for U.D. Departments sponsoring groups

Departments will be contacted approximately two (2) months prior to the extended stay/early arrival period to share details about the upcoming extended stay/early arrival term session and to request group titles and department contact information.

Departments must provide their group title and contact information to Housing and Residence Life.

Group titles will later be added to a list of options from which students will have to choose when applying for EX/EA.

Students will visit to apply for EX/EA. Students affiliated with a group will select his/her group and continue through the application. It is the sponsoring department's responsibility to notify students in their group to apply. Students not affiliated with a group and who want EX or EA for personal reasons will select the "Personal Convenience" option.

Instructions for students filling out the application

  1. A UD login is required to access the application.
  2. One application should be submitted for each EX or EA term requested. NOTE: All students must have a housing contract with the University of Dayton to be considered for extended stay or early arrival. Students who do not have housing contracts will not be considered.
  3. Student Information needed in order to complete the application: a) Student's first and last name, b) Student's ID# (9 digits only, include any leading zeros)
  4. Reason for the Request. A detailed reason for the request is necessary for the request to be considered.


All requests for extended stay or early arrival must be sent through and approved by Housing and Residence Life before students are notified. Departments must not promise students that they can arrive or depart outside of the advertised extended stay/early arrival dates provided and without prior approval from Housing and Residence Life.

Submission of the Extended Stay/Early Arrival application does not guarantee approval. Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to review the request and approve or deny accordingly. The designated department representative and the student will receive a decision via their official University of Dayton e-mail address.

Late Requests

Due to the last minute nature and volume of late requests, we cannot guarantee that requests received after the deadline dates will be handled immediately. Requests will be addressed on a first come, first served basis and need to be received in writing to Please see pricing for additional information about late requests. 


Departments and students will be charged based on the EX or EA term requested and not on dates occupied. Therefore, any changes or cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the arrival or departure date by e-mailing