Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Sophomore Priority Determination

Each capacity-sized lottery is facilitated separately.  Groups are ordered by the combined result of each tiebreaker below as needed:

  1. First tiebreaker: is by group classification which is determined by a student's start term/the semester started (or would have started if a transfer) or high school graduation year.  
  2. Second tiebreaker: if needed, is by conduct points accrued between August 2012 and January 31, 2013.
  3. Third tiebreaker: if needed, is by a random number with the lowest number going first.
  4. As it pertains to group classification, please consult the information below:
  • sophomore= 2
  • To determine your group's classification, add the total number of people in your group based on the individual classification numbers. For example, if four sophomores are registered for the four person lottery, the group's classification is 8.



Second-year students returning to the University for the Fall semester are required to live in UD housing unless commuting from a parent’s permanent residence within 40 miles of UD’s campus. A notarized form must be provided to Housing and Residence Life for any second-year student who is requesting to commute.

Sophomore students can be assigned into UD housing by participating in either special interest housing or the application and selection process for the sophomore lotteries.  Sophomore students who do not register for any of the sophomore lotteries should complete an online academic year application.  The assignment staff will assign any sophomores who did not register for the lotteries into vacant spaces in the system beginning in April and continuing throughout the summer.   

Group Size

Group size determines your eligibility for different housing options.

Group Size Facilities
Two-Person Group Campus South (1 apt.), VW Kettering (2 suites), 819 Irving Apartments, Marianist Hall Middle Wing Double Rooms 
Four-Person Group VW Kettering Suites, Marianist Hall West Wing Quads, Garden Apartments  
Six-Person Group Campus South Apartments, Garden Apartments