Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Junior/Senior Priority Determination

Groups are ordered by the combined result of each tie-breaker below as needed:

a. First Tie-breaker: is by group classification, which is determined by start term, the semester the student started (or would have started if the student was a transfer). Classification cannot be higher than a fifth year. As it pertains to group classification, please consult the information below:

Junior= 3
4th year senior= 4
5th year senior= 5

Note: To determine your group's classification, add the total number of people in your group based on the individual classification numbers. For example, if four juniors are registered for the four person lottery, the group's classification is 16.

b.  Second tie-breaker: if needed, is determined by your group's credit hours that were completed by December 31, 2013.

c. Third tie-breaker: if needed, is by a random number with the lowest number going first.

Group Size

Group size determines your eligibility for different housing options.

Group Size Facilities
Single-Person Group Single Apartments
Two-Person Group Two-Person Houses or Apartments
Three-Person Group Three-Person Houses or Apartments
Four-Person Group Four-Person Houses or Apartments, Caldwell Apartments, Lawnview Apartments, South Quad Garden Apartments, Irving Commons Apartments
Five-Person Group Five-Person Houses
Six-Person Group Six-Person Houses
Eight-Person Group Eight-Person Houses