Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Apartment Retention Eligibility

  • For retention each group member must complete a 2014-15 housing contract and application which includes a Roommate Group registration.

  • At least 1 current resident from a 2-person apartment, 2 current residents from a 4-person apartment or 3 current residents from a 6-person apartment must be returning to the apartment for the Fall semester.

  • Returning students must list the names of the residents who will fill the remaining spaces. Current first-year and sophomore students are not permitted to be part of the retention process. Any student participating in retention must be a current student at the University of Dayton.

  • If any time prior to the start of the Fall term your group changes and you do not meet the requirements above, then the group may have their address changed.

  • Proceed to to apply.

Online retention application is due by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 14, 2014.