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Conduct Points

Conduct points accrued between February 1, 2012, and January 31, 2013, will impact a student’s housing options for the 2013-14 academic year. Conduct points are only applied when a student has been documented AND found responsible for committing a policy violation.   Housing and Residence Life staff is not permitted to share a student’s conduct record or points with another student. To determine your conduct point total, add all the points that you received for the policies that you were found responsible for violating between February 1, 2012, and January 31, 2013. 

Standard and/or Code of Conduct  Point Value
Abuse 300
Alcohol 200
Compliance 200
Disorderly Behavior 200
Drugs 500
Environmental Disrespect 100
Fire Safety 200
Guests 50
Hazing 200
Laws & Statues 50
Misrepresentation 100
Safety & Security 500
Sexual Harassment/Misconduct 500
Non-Completion of Alcohol Edu 200

Complicit or Opt-in program



Note: In some cases the point value may appear to be low considering the offense. This is because in most cases involving that particular policy, the student is suspended and the points are of no matter. In cases where the offense is minor and the student is not suspended, points are assigned.