Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Designed Learning Experience

The new housing assignment process for returning students promotes and showcases the learning opportunities that allow students to integrate experiences gained in the classroom with experiences outside of the classroom.  Rising sophomore students can select the following designed learning experiences as part of the housing assignment process:

Conversation Partners*
Ethics in Action**
Global Learning Living Community**
Substance Free Housing
Servant Leadership
* Conversations Partners is a Designed Learning Experience available to individual students wishing to participate in the Housing Assignments process without being a part of an established group.
**The Ethics in Action Learning Living Community and the Global Learning Living Community are designed learning experiences in which sophomore students can participate.  However, both experiences have requirements that places limits on the number of students who can be assigned into these communities.  Students who wish to participate in either the Ethics in Action Learning Living Community or the Global Learning Living Community will be assigned into these communities through a separate application process rather than through the sophomore housing assignment process.