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Thank you for your interest in ArtStreet housing for the 2014-2015 academic year. As part of the Special Interest Housing initiative, the ArtStreet family is made up of 58 diverse Juniors and Seniors who seek to challenge the social consciousness of the campus, city and nation through creative and artistic lenses. Your group’s efforts over the next year will be to enhance, converse and challenge University of Dayton students, faculty and staff through a newly artistically designed approach to ‘radical creativity’ that becomes the spark for change and enrichment of the evolving 21st century educational environment and promote our Catholic and Marianist values.

All student groups who wish to live in ArtStreet for the 2014-2015 academic year must fill out one group application. Please know that the quality of your application will affect whether your group will be awarded/able to retain a house.

In addition, all potential student groups may be asked to meet in person with the director of ArtStreet for a casual gathering highlighting their creative application process


ArtStreet is a unique learning and living environment that seek equally unique students. In order to be considered for selection, all groups must demonstrate:

  • Good disciplinary standing of each individual ArtStreet applicant
  • A complete application that includes creative description of arts-based service project including mission and Smart Goals for project consistent with ArtStreet goals AND UD’s Commitment to Community document

NOTE: The failure of an ArtStreet house to demonstrate respect for the property through their care and maintenance of the property and an absence of vandalism or damage deemed excessive by Residential Properties may result in revocation of the house as well as disciplinary consequences where applicable. Additionally, the failure of any ArtStreet house or the individuals in the house to abide by University policy at any point during the housing application process or academic year could result in revocation of the house or individual (s) being relocated to another housing assignment.


  • December 3, 2013 at 4:00pm (ArtStreet Studio E)
    • Information Session
  • December 4, 2013 at 4:00pm (ArtStreet Studio B)
    • Information Session
  • January 21, 2014
    • ArtStreet application opens on the Special Interest Housing portal
  • January TBD
    • Workshop to Assist group leaders with applications
  • January 31, 2014 at 4:30 pm
    • ArtStreet applications due
  • March 1, 2014
    • Groups will be notified of status no later than this date

Application Information

Groups need to collect the following information in preparation for online application:

  1. Determine a house group leader who will submit all information on behalf of the group applying.
  2. Collect the names and student ID numbers of all group members committed to living in ArtStreet for the 2014-2015 academic year.
  3. Prepare answers to ArtStreet questions. Responses should be written in paragraph form and keyed so that the group leader can cut and paste answers into the online application.
 During the time period of Jan 21 – Jan 31, house group leader will:
  1. Go to to complete the individual housing application* and create organizational roommate group. Group name should be ArtStreet followed by group leader name. For example, ArtStreet - Jane Doe
  2. Email all group members the name of the roommate group and the password so they can add their name to the group that the group leader created. The roommate group members will complete the individual housing application and join the roommate group.
  3. Complete the ArtStreet Group Application questions and submit Word document via email to
  4. No advisor letter needed

*The individual housing application contains the housing contract that outlines the terms that a student must abide by in order to live in university housing. Each roommate will need to complete the housing contract in order to participate in the ArtStreet housing process.

Group Applicant information- please answer the following questions 

All applications MUST include:

  1. Names and student ID numbers of all members applying for ArtStreet.
  2. Completed answers to the questions below.


  1. How will your group contribute to the vision and values of ArtStreet? (see ArtStreet mission, vision, and goals at
  2. How can creative thought and artistic design help to propel a 21st Century college experience?


1. THE SPARK PROJECT: Each ArtStreet house is required to produce a Spark Project project during the Fall Semester of the 2014-2015 school year designed to put ArtStreet's evolving new vision and mission into action. Please explain your Spark Project idea, and articulate how each of your members will incorporate your major/skills/passions into this project. This description should be no more than 250 words and should get to the ‘heartbeat’ of the project’s spirit.

The Fall 2014 Spark Projects should focus on radically creative ideas that use dynamic new artistic lenses in support of diversity development and multicultural relationships among ArtStreet, UD and the Wesley Community Center **link to** on the city's west side.

2. SMART GOALS: Please list 3 SMART goals that will help you implement and accomplish your service project. Please make sure that one of your goals also addresses how your group will improve/contribute to the neighborhood community as described in the University’s Commitment to Community document.

3. LOCATION: Please indicate your first, second, and third choices for housing location if you are selected to reside at ArtStreet.

4. CO-OP or STUDY ABROAD: If your group has members who will be on co-op or study abroad during the year, please explain here and include which semester(s).


There are 5 four-person lofts, 5 six-person townhouses and 1 eight-person townhouse at ArtStreet. Actual availability may vary due to retention of current residents. Groups must be made up of 4, 6, or 8 same-gender juniors and seniors. If a vacancy occurs, you may be required to work with UD Housing and the ArtStreet director to identify an appropriate individual to occupy the empty space. 

Resident Course Requirement

All ArtStreet residents are required to register for UDI 371 ArtStreet Experience Class (1 credit – pass/fail) each semester of living at ArtStreet. Successful completion of this class is a requirement of retaining ArtStreet housing from semester to semester and year to year. The course incurs no extra cost to students. 

Other Information


            The ArtStreet Director and Graduate Assistant will serve as advisors to all ArtStreet houses. No support letters are necessary.


            ArtStreet website
            Commitment to Community
            SMART Goals Worksheet


            Contact Nicole Rottmueller-Jones, Assistant Director of ArtStreet or 937-229-5101.