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Summer Housing

Summer 2014 Undergraduate Housing Policies and Rates

Summer Housing Applications will open April 1, 2014

Eligibility for Summer Housing

All students living in University summer housing are required to either take a full class load (6 hours), take a half class load (3 hours) and work 20 hours per week, or work full time (40 hours per week).  

Documentation is required from employers for students working.  Accepted documentation includes letters on official company letterhead from supervisor or campus email from campus employer.  Students who do not meet these criteria may not live in University housing.  Those students whose status changes, and as a result no longer meet the criteria during the summer, may be asked to move out.  

Send written documentation to Housing and Residence Life, University of Dayton, 300 College Park, Dayton, OH 45469-0950 or bring to 210 Gosiger Hall, Mon-Fri, 8:30 am-4:30 pm.  Emails from campus employers are to be sent to

Summer 2014 housing options are: Marycrest single occupancy and double occupancy rooms (with chosen roommate), University Place single apartments, and 314 Lowes and 1710 Frericks Way four-person Garden Apartments.

Summer Housing Costs May 11, 2014 - August 3, 2014


2014 Rate


Marycrest Single


Includes a $300 food credit; Marycrest Dining will be open in the evenings

Marycrest Double (with choosen roommate)


Includes a $300 food credit; Marycrest Dining will be open in the evenings

Garden 4-person


Garden 2-Person


University Place


This will be filled to 40% with both undergraduate,  graduate and law students for the summer

These rates reflect an increase of approximately 3% and an increase of $70 for cable and Internet.

Cancellation Policy:
Once a Summer Housing Application/Contract is submitted to Housing and Residence Life, a student is committed to the summer housing fee unless the application is canceled as identified below:

  • Email including student name, student ID#, and summer assignment.  This is required no later than Monday, April 21, 2014.
  • If application contract is canceled after April 21 and before move-in, a $100.00 cancellation fee will be charged to the student's account.
  • If application contract is canceled after move in, in addition to the $100.00 cancellation fee, the student’s account will reflect a daily rate charge beginning May 11, 2014 through date of check out.

First and Second Summer Session Charges:

  • Full (12 weeks) summer housing charges will appear on student’s accounts in May. Student accounts will be adjusted for students who complete a proper check out at the end of the first summer session. This includes students who attend all or part of either summer session (ie: Civil Engineering students). Summer housing charges will not be divided by first and second summer sessions.
  • Students will be credited for days not in University housing if they properly check out of their residence and return their residence key to the appropriate staff by July 21, 2014. Students who check out after July 21 will receive no summer housing rate adjustment.
  • Students who are only assigned during the second summer session will receive their summer housing charge on their student account in June.

Terms and Conditions of Summer Contract
Summer Applications are subject to the Terms and Conditions specified in the Summer Undergraduate Housing Policies and Rates.

Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to determine all summer assignments in order to best meet the needs of all students.  Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to change facility assignment, to assign roommates, to consolidate vacancies, or to require students to move to different accommodations.

How to Apply for Summer Housing

To be considered for summer assignment, summer applications and group applications must be completed online as soon as possible.  Summer Housing Application must be completed in order to receive a summer assignment.  The earlier student groups apply, the better their choices of preferred housing. All students need to apply as a group even if they are a one-person group. Go to to complete your Summer Housing Application.

Summer Housing Application Deadlines

Once a Summer Housing Application is completed online, a student is committed to summer housing.  Students assigned to Marycrest Complex for the summer will receive specific room number when they arrive at the Marycrest Main Desk for move-in.  If summer assignments and/or roommate changes occur, students will be updated by email.  Campus email addresses found in Porches are used for all email correspondence.

Housing Before and After Summer Housing Contract Period
Students who have a need to be on campus between contracted periods in May and August, should complete an application for extended stay / early arrival. An application for this process will be available at Any questions regarding this process should be directed to Joi Garrett Scales in Housing and Residence Life at

Departments will be notified of student’s approval status via email. If approved, daily housing fees will be charged to student or department accounts. Extensions in University housing are in no way guaranteed and Housing and Residence Life has no obligation to house students between contracted periods. If approved, students may be relocated to temporary housing prior to or after the summer housing contract period.

Please note for your planning: Spring semester housing contracts end and all University residential facilities will close to non-graduating students at 6 pm on Friday, May 2, 2014. Students with approved extensions who are moving directly from Spring housing to a summer facility will be required to move to that summer facility on Monday, May 5, 2014 at 12:00 noon.

Students who do not live in summer University Housing will not be able to move into their fall university assignment until August 13, 2014. Those students who reside in University Housing during the summer will be transitioned to their fall assignment when that property is available. If they are transitioned before the end of the summer term, they will not be charged a different rate during the summer term. However, students that move into their Fall assignment during the summer will be subject to an early arrival charge for the entire period between the end of the summer contract and the beginning of the fall contract. 


Random roommates will not be assigned to Marycrest double rooms, and single occupants of a double room will be charged a single room rate. 

Special International Summer Housing

Several international groups will be staying in University Housing during the summer. The following groups are being booked into University Summer Housing. All students, including International students, must complete summer contracts at

ShangHai Normal University

Approximately 30 students will attend UD for the second summer session. These students will be assigned to the Garden Apartments with 4 person occupancy. These students will also be attending UD in the fall and will transition to their fall assignment in early August.


Approximately 40 students will attend UD for second summer session. Thirty of these students have elected to be housed in Gardens and 10 have elected to be housed in Caldwell Apartments. These students will be assigned to apartments with 4 person occupancy. Some of these students will also be attending UD in the fall and will transition to their fall assignment in early August. Those students who are not admitted to UD will need to move out by August 3, 2014.