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To assist with your housing needs, you can find the most commonly used forms in the housing and residence life office here.

Click Here for the 2014-2015 Housing Contract

Not Returning to the University/Request for Release from Contract

The form below informs the department of your intention not to return.  If you are withdrawing, graduating, leaving the university for a short period to study abroad or co-op, etc., please take the time to complete this form.  Your information will assist the department in canceling your contract and insuring that no additional fees are applied.  For a complete fee schedule, please see the cancellation policy.

Not Returning to the University/Request for Release from Housing Contract

Notarized Commuter Letter

If you are requesting release from your housing contract to become a commuter, your parent(s)/guardian(s) must reside within 40 miles of UD. To begin this process, first, complete a Request for Release from Housing Contract form. Then if your request to commute is approved, a notarized Confirmation of Residential Arrangements form will need to be submitted in order to secure your contract release.

Cancellation of Summer Housing Contract

If your plans for summer housing have changed, complete the summer housing cancellation form.

Table Reservation

If you are willing to reserve a table in the Residence halls, please complete this form. You must be an approved student group at the University of Dayton. You can request one table at a time using this form.

Table Request Form