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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a commuter? Why would I want to commute when most people live on campus?

  • Approximately 5% of the undergraduate student population at the University of Dayton are classified as commuter students. Commuters don’t live in university-owned residences and usually drive to campus, though some live close enough to walk. Commuters don’t pay room and board and so save thousands of dollars each year. There are many resources open to commuter students so that they can have the same quality social life that other students enjoy. 
Where is the Commuter Lounge?
  • It is located in Kennedy Union room 118. It is open at approximately 8am until midnight. 
How much do locker rentals cost and how long can you keep them?
  • Students must make a $5 deposit and can keep the locker for the academic year. The money will be returned once the key has been brought back to the Center for Student Involvement, KU 241 at the end of the academic year.
Where are dining locations close to the Commuter Lounge?
  • Kennedy Union has its own dining room on the ground floor.  The Galley is inside the Hangar  located near the dining room. Inside you will find ice cream, drinks like hot chocolate, coffee, tea, etc., and snacks. Also, Marycrest dining hall is nearby, across from KU field. In the library, there is a café so that students can buy some tasty beverages and snacks.
What does the Commuter Faculty Advisor do?
  • Brandy Clifford helps to organize commuter events.  She is always open to talking to commuter students. Her office is located inside the Center for Student Involvement in room 241. Her email address is:
Weather problems/Canceled classes:
  • Watch the local news reports to see if the University of Dayton is closed or if classes have been delayed. Also, check your email before class or call your professors in order to be sure that class is still in session. It’s always a good idea to call other students in your class as well just in case the professor cancels class at the last minute. If you are unable to make it to class because of bad weather in your area, call or email your professor. Make it your responsibility to make up the work done in class that day. Don’t risk your health and safety by trying to make it to class. If for some reason you’re penalized for not making it to class, contact the Provost, Joseph Saliba, and your Commuter Senator in the Student Government Association.
What is there to do in the Commuter Lounge?
  • Many students play card games, board games, video games, and socialize. Feel free to bring your own lunch and store it in the refrigerator or heat something up in the microwave. There is a computer in the Commuter Lounge in case you didn’t bring your laptop. Please remember to clean up after yourself though, we all have to share the space.
Are there leadership opportunities for commuter students?
  • Yes! You can be the Commuter Senator in the Student Government Association. You could also take a leadership role in the group Commuters on Campus. As a part of New Student Orientation, there is a leadership role for commuter students, specifically, who want to welcome the new commuter students to campus and lead their orientation activities.
Who are current Commuter Student leaders? Are there any?
  • Hey! My name is Katherine Hammaker.  I am the President of Commuters on Campus. As the President, I frequently talk to Brandy Clifford, the Commuter Advisor, and plan events for commuters. I also frequently chat with other commuters to get their input on future events or any commuter issues that they want to alert the Commuter Advisor or Commuter Senator about. I went to Beavercreek High School and served as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student to Ecuador before coming to UD. I am an International Studies and Spanish double major.  I love being a commuter because commuters are really great people to be around. They’re always friendly and know how to have fun.