Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Tips for Recruitment

Be genuine. Remember that you are the future of any organization you might chose to join.  Just like each fraternity and sorority is called to be congruent to its values, so are those going through the recruitment process.

Be in the know.  Prepare some questions to ask potential fraternities or sororities and their members so you get a well-rounded understanding of what its like to be a member of this group at UD.

Be prepared. Do research on the fraternities and sororities available by going to their inter/national and local webpages, looking specifically for the values each organization espouses and reading about the opportunities provided that allow for those values to be enacted.  Keep your eye out for open recruitment events on campus; make sure you go to as many as possible from each group!

Be proactive. Schedule an appointment with a staff member in the Office of Greek Life to discuss more the available opportunities within the Greek community.