Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Student Employment Opportunities

Student employees are fundamental to the success of the mission of the Center for Student Involvement.  We strive to engage students in an environment of mutual influence that creates learning opportunities complimentary to their academic and career goals.  Through the delicate balance of challenge and support, students are given the opportunity to learn skills that can be transferred to future careers while developing a sense of self-authorship.  

To apply or inquire about the following positions, please visit the University of Dayton employment website.

Typical Hiring Schedule: Most jobs in Student Life and Kennedy Union hire in the spring for the upcoming school year.  Summer conferences begin hiring in January and February for the upcoming summer.

Scheduling And Events

Information CenterThis position requires students to field all incoming calls to the University and assist callers with various questions and/or directing them to the correct department/person. Students must possess a general knowledge of the University in order to provide adequate guidance to customers both over the phone and in person. Exceptional customer service skills are a must in order to fulfill this position. 

Student Office Receptionist - This position requires students to represent the Center for Student Involvement as the main reception desk for walk in customers, as well as the main phone line for incoming office calls. Students direct phone calls to full-time staff while booking campus spaces for events and meetings. Receptionist duties include general office responsibilities, including filing, organizing, and reviewing reservations.

Box Office & Hangar

Campus Box Office - Box Office Associates are responsible for overseeing the operations of the box office while they are working.  Customer service skills will be consistently on display while helping customers in person and over the phone.  Cash handling skills are required as you will be responsible for credit card, cash register, and flyer express transactions.  This is a great position if you are interested in the arts or want to learn more!

Hangar Games RoomHangar Associates oversee and monitor the bowling lanes, billiard tables, video games, and lounge area and and work as a team to instill a fun, energetic atmosphere where customers can have fun in a safe and positive environment. Associates provide assistance to patrons and assist management with tasks pertaining to the overall welfare of the Hangar Games Room such as operating and maintaining bowling and billiards equipment, operating the cash register and other equipment as needed.


Operations Student Employee (KU / McGinnis) - Operations Student Employees are responsible for the daily operations of the facility. Under the direction of the Operations Student Managers, employees setup and teardown furniture and equipment for events as well as provide exceptional customer service.

Operations Student Manager (KU / McGinnis) - Operations Student Managers are responsible for maintaining the highest level of customer service through event management, employee supervision, and collaboration with the Student Life and Kennedy Union department staff. Student Managers represent the Center for Student Involvement to all customers and visitors through leadership, service, and professionalism.  Past experience in operations or facilities is highly encouraged.  

Operations Student Coordinator (KU) - The Kennedy Union Operations Student Coordinator provides administrative support for the Associate Director of Kennedy Union and the Night Operations Manager through event schedule management and collaboration with the Student Life and Kennedy Union department staff. The Operations Student Coordinator displays a professional representation of Student Life and Kennedy Union.  This position is open only to current SLKU employees.

Summer Conferences

Conference Associate - Conference Associates are responsible for the daily operations of residential facilities during the summer.  Under the direction of the Conference Coordinator and Building Supervisor, associates provide front desk services to conference guests while modeling exceptional customer service, professionalism, and hospitality. 

Conference Coordinator - The conference coordinator works to facilitate the daily operations of the residence hall in the summer.  This includes working with clients, troubleshooting issues, and work with billing and scheduling of staff.  This live-in position is demanding of a highly driven individual with the ability to lead and motivate a staff of peers. 

Building Supervisor - The linen supervisor is responsible for working with the contracted cleaning company to ensure prompt and thorough linen services are provided to conference guests during the summer.  This includes working with facilities management, the contracted cleaning company, the contracted linen company, and a staff of peers.  This live-in position is demanding of a highly driven individual with the ability to lead and motivate a staff of peers.