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Student Organization Education Sessions

General Education Sessions:
General Training Sessions for student organization leaders and advisers have been digitized!  Click on a topic to view the module.
Officer Transitions
Advising Student Organizations: Alcohol
Advising Student Organizations: Role of the Adviser

OrgSync Training
Learn how to register events, complete online forms, collect RSVPs to events, collect organizational dues, text your members, and much, much more!
• 9/2/14 (Tuesday) – 2pm-3pm KU 312
• 9/9/14 (Tuesday) – 2pm-3pm KU 312
• 9/16/14 (Tuesday) – 2pm-3pm KU 312
• 9/30/14 (Tuesday) – 2pm-3pm KU 312
• 10/7/14 (Tuesday) – 2pm-3pm KU 312

Event With Alcohol (EMT) Training
This training is for all values-based Greek organizations and other organizations looking to host an event with alcohol. Remember, multiple organization leaders must attend this training before events with alcohol can be approved. If you have questions, please contact
• 9/5/14 (Friday) – 3pm-4pm KU 211
• 9/10/14 (Wednesday) – 12pm-1pm KU 207
• 9/17/14 (Wednesday) – 12pm-1pm KU 211
• 9/26/14 (Friday) – 3pm-4pm KU 211
• 10/3/14 (Friday) – 3pm-4pm KU211
• 10/22/14 (Wednesday) – 12pm-1pm KU 207
• 11/7/14 (Friday) – 3pm-4pm KU 211

Programming 101
• You think you know how to plan an event the RIGHT way? This offering examines what it takes plan a better event. A better event will enhance your organization’s goals and provide you a better insight into what REAL event planning takes.
• 9/2/14 (Tuesday) – 3pm-4pm KU 211
• 9/16/14 (Tuesday) - 4pm-5pm KU 207
• 10/6/14 (Monday) - 3pm-4pm KU 211
• 10/17/14 (Friday) - 3pm-4pm KU 211
• 11/12/14 (Wednesday) - 12pm-1pm KU 211

Student Organization Collaborative Forum
There are over 2000 registered events every year. This offering allows you, your organization, and other organizations on campus come together and plan events together. As student organization leaders and event planners, we often forget or do not realize the number of resources there are right in front of us. Create a better event, maximize your resources, and collaborate with other student organizations on campus. There’s usually some free food involved as well!
• 9/17/14 (Wednesday) – 7pm-8pm McGinnis Mtg. Rm 2
• 10/23/14 (Thursday) – 6:30pm-7:30pm McGinnis Mtg. Rm 2 

Leadership Transition Day
Make sure you are setting up your organization for sustainable success in the future. Meet with Student Life to go over proper transitioning of officers/exec. board members, creating an action plan for success if you are coming into a new position, examining your organization’s current structure, or just asking questions you may have about leading or running a student organization.
• 12/4/14 (Thursday) – 9-4pm (30 Minute Appointments) in KU 241.

• 1/16/15 (Friday) – 3pm-5pm KU Ballroom