Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel


Student Development provides intentional, inclusive leadership opportunities that foster self-awareness and promote personal development. We empower students to be socially just servant leaders through the acceptance and practice of responsibility, thoughtful decision making, reflection, and the exploration of the faith and spirituality of self and others. We challenge students to celebrate diverse perspectives and recognize their impact in the world.


Values set the foundation of our daily and futures selves. They essentially provide the foundation from which our identity is expressed, guide our decision making, and define not only our goals, but how to achieve them.

They can act as a grounding agent when opportunities and unforeseen challenges arise. It's a way for a person to self-check the direction of their lives.

An authentic person will have their values reflected in their every action. A person that is blind to their values may have an unfulfilling and inconsistent life. Therefore they drift through life without a purpose.

A values exercise helps create a self-awareness that calibrates us into finding acquaintances, employment, vocations, and environments that compliment values. At that point, a person can be purposeful and content with their identity, decisions, and direction.

  • Responsibility
  • Social justice
  • Servant leadership
  • Thoughtful decision making
  • Empowerment
  • Faith formation
  • Self exploration