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Questions to Ask Your Landlord.

Top ten questions to ask your landlord before signing a lease

1.        How is the rent payment to be made? 
2.        What types of people live in the neighborhood? Are there other university
3.        Are there smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? 
4.        Who will be responsible for small repairs and cutting the grass? 
5.        Are any major repairs anticipated for the upcoming year?
           Will any repairs that are to be completed before I move in be put in writing? 
6.        Is there a phone number at which the landlord can be reached in case of
7.        Where are the laundry facilities and the nearest grocery stores located? 
8.        How safe is the neighborhood? 
9.        How can I report problems with another resident? How do you handle such
10.      Is there space for parking my car or locking my bike?