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Colors of Leadership Conference


The purpose of this conference is to inform and motivate diverse collegians - those new faces of leadership - to achieve their full leadership potential. Participants will be challenged to develop and explore leadership skills and fulfill the tenants of responsible leadership.

The 18th Annual Colors of Leadership Conference will be held on Saturday, March 1, 2014.

The purpose of COLC is

  • To educate and empower students on the various styles of leadership from a multicultural perspective.
  • To develop student leaders who will positively impact their local and global community beyond the collegiate experience.
  • To help the individual identify personal skills and talents which lead to leadership opportunities.
  • To connect a diverse range of students, faculty, and professionals from various universities.

The 2014 COLC Goals are to

  • Assist students in identifying their passion and motivation
  • Equip students with the resources to recognize their personal leadership style
  • Inspire participants to apply their newly found leadership skills to their everyday lives
  • Encourage students to inspire and direct others

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Contact Candace Madry, conference chair, at or OMA 937-229-3634 for more information.