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Board of Trustees - Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee of the Board of Trustees is responsible for oversight of all non-academic student life issues under the administrative responsibility of the Division of Student Development.

Chair: Bro. Edward Brink, S.M.

Members: Catherine Babington; John Forte; Darlene Marlowe, Bro. Bernie Ploeger, S.M.; Michael Ruffolo; Deborah Tobias; and Rev. Rudy Vela, S.M.

Student Development Cabinet

The senior student development leadership team ensures current programs and plans for the division are consistent with the University’s mission and strategic plan. The senior leadership team's role is in managing change, setting priorities, and adapting programs based upon the changing reality of faculty, staff, and student' needs. The senior leadership team builds upon student development's fundamental strengths to shape priorities, and develop the strategic approach necessary to pursue the University's vision of excellence.

Senior leadership team:

  • William Fischer, J.D., Vice President
  • Christine Schramm, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
  • Steven Mueller, Ed.D., Assistant Vice President and Director of the Counseling Center
  • Cari Wallace, Assistant Vice President