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Keep it REAL!!

There are many different program options available to you through REAL! Below is a description of the programs and learning outcomes. If your group or organization has a topic in mind that is not described below and would be beneficial for us to present, we are more than happy to do so. To request a presentation that is already in place or to request a presentation on a different topic regarding alcohol or other drugs please fill out the Request Form.

Alcohol on a Continuum

(Defining Responsible Drinking and High Risk Drinking)

Alcohol use isn't black and white. There are a lot of aspects to consider when looking at drinking behavior. This program discusses alcohol use on a continuum from abstaining to responsible drinking behaviors, binge drinking, the signs of high risk drinking and alcohol addiction, and all the shades in between. This program is interactive and allows you to explore your own ideas around drinking and what your drinking behavior is. It also allows you to discuss strategies on how to drink responsibly if you choose to drink.

Learning Outcome: Students will be able to differentiate between responsible drinking behavior and high risk behaviors regarding alcohol. Students will describe practical strategies for keeping themselves and others safe in situations where alcohol is present.

Beyond the Hangover

Understanding alcohol's impact on your health

The body is an amazing machine and understanding how it works is important for understanding what negative impact high risk alcohol use can have. This program goes into detail about how alcohol affects your brain, heart, liver, pancreas, and immune system. The program will also discuss the various diseases that alcohol use can contribute to.

Learning Outcome: Students will be able to describe how alcohol can impact vital body systems. Students will discuss how to make the best possible choices regarding alcohol use and their health.


(Understanding what a standard drink is and its effects on the body)


This program allows you to see how what you drink affects your blood alcohol content. Volunteers get to make a pretend mix drink and we calculate what your Blood Alcohol Content would be like if you were to consume that drink throughout a night of partying. The BAC is then discussed in relation to what types of health concerns could be possible at that BAC level. 

Learning Outcome: Students will become aware of what a standard alcoholic drink measure is and how it affects a person’s Blood Alcohol Content. Students will be able to successfully measure a more responsible level of alcohol for their specific body type and calculate their own BAC’s.

Alcohol and Women

This program discusses how alcohol affects women differently than men. This program will discuss the health effects that alcohol can have on a woman. We will discuss some effective bystander intervention methods and how you can get involved if you feel that a friend may be entering a risky situation where alcohol is present. Students will have the chance to act out scenarios of how they would effectively intervene.

Learning Outcome: Students will be able to explain how alcohol affects women differently. Students will apply bystander intervention to a situation they have or could experience and act out how they might effectively intervene in that situation.

Alcohol and Men

It’s clear that society has certain expectations for what it means to be a “Man”.  Through sayings like “Be a man” “What are you a sissy” “Man up” and others, society defines how men should act. This program discusses how society defines what it means to be a “Man” and how that affects the drinking behavior of men. We will also discuss the specific health conditions men are at risk for and how alcohol can increase those risks.

Learning Outcome: Students will discuss how alcohol affects not only their health but also formulate strategies to combat the pressures that society puts on men regarding their use of alcohol.

Alcohol and Athletes

Athletes who drink do not necessarily experience more legal or behavioral consequences than other students who drink, but athletes are often more visible, and their problems often lead to highly publicized consequences. This program looks at the effect that alcohol can have on an athletes’ performance and health. We will also discuss what using alcohol during the season may mean for your eligibility in that sport.

Learning Outcome: Students will discuss the negative consequences of drinking and training for a sport. Students will define how alcohol affects important systems in the body responsible for their performance.

Alcohol and Policy

What does campus policy actually say about drinking? What legal consequences can drinking have for me? This program looks at the laws around alcohol from drinking underage to drinking and driving. It also discusses campus policies around drinking and the judicial process regarding alcohol violations.

Learning Outcome: Students will be able to explain UD Policies and State Laws regarding alcohol and describe how they could apply to their life.

Drugs and Policy

Sometimes it’s not just alcohol that you encounter at parties. It’s important to understand the legal aspects of being at a social gathering where illicit drugs are present. This program discusses how certain drugs are classified into schedules. We will also discuss campus policy and the legal ramifications of use, possession, and distribution according to how a drug is scheduled.

Learning Outcome: Students will explain how UD Policies and State Laws regarding drugs apply to them.

But I use it to study!

(The Misuse of Adderall)

Papers are due, the final exam is coming up, and coffee just isn’t doing it for you anymore, so you grab an Adderall. It can’t hurt right, I mean your friend has a prescription so it must be safe…right? Wrong! Taking Adderall when it isn’t prescribed to you can have serious health and legal consequences. This program explains the effects of Adderall as well as the legal consequences of using, possessing, and distributing Adderall.

Learning Outcome: Students will understand the negative health effects of taking Adderall if it isn’t prescribed to them. Students will discuss the severity of legal consequences of using or possessing Adderall that isn’t prescribed to them as well as the consequences of distributing Adderall.

If it's prescribed it must be safe...right?

(The misuse and abuse of Prescription Drugs)

This program addresses the misuse of prescription drugs. The program explains what taking a prescription drug that’s not yours could mean for your health as well as the legal consequences that may follow using and/or selling prescriptions to others.

Learning Outcome: Students will describe the affects that prescription drugs can have on their health. Students will discuss the laws regarding using, possessing, or distributing a prescription drug.

They go together like...hotdogs and cranberries? Why alcohol and drugs don't mix.

(The dangers of mixing alcohol and other drugs)

Mixing alcohol and other drugs can be extremely dangerous. This program looks at the effects that certain drugs have when mixed with alcohol and/or each other and the possible health effects they may cause.

Learning Outcome: Students will discuss the negative health effects of mixing drugs and/or alcohol and the serious health consequences it can have.


The marijuana that people use today is often seen in a romanticized way, being looked at through the rose colored glasses of the 1970’s. However marijuana today can be 5-14x’s stronger than marijuana used in the 60’s and 70’s. This program looks at the health effects of Marijuana and the legal consequences of possessing, using, and/or distributing marijuana.

Learning Outcome: Students will discuss how marijuana affects their health. Students will be able to explain UD Policies and State Laws regarding Marijuana.

It's all fun and games...or is it?

(The risks of participating in drinking games)

Drinking games are a hot topic and can become very dangerous because of the large quantities of alcohol that are consumed in a short period of time. This program incorporates mock beer pong using Rootbeer. This program goes through the dangers of drinking games by hosting a pretend beer pong with Rootbeer. You are not rewarded for “winning” the game or “drinking” the most, but for being able to monitor your own drinking, measure your drinks correctly, knowing your BAC level at “the end of the night” and keeping it in the responsible limit, and making other low risk and responsible decisions. (This program requires the group to purchase the Rootbeer). This program cannot be done in on-campus Residence Halls.

Learning Outcome: Students will discuss the dangers of consuming massive amounts of alcohol in a short time period. Students will formulate several practical strategies to use in their own lives that will create safer environments for themselves and others and will be able to calculate a standard drink and its’ effect on their BAC.

Pregaming: Don't you actually want to make it out for the night?

(The risks associated with pregaming)

Pregaming has become a buzz word. The reasons to pregame are vast but what you really need to know are the risks that pregaming can have. This program looks at what pregaming is, why students decide to pregame, and what the risks are of pregaming. This program also incorporates the Mocktail module in order to allow you to see what is actually in the drinks that are being consumed during pregaming.

Learning Outcome: Students will discuss the risks associated with pregaming and the reasons so many college students take part in this activity. Students will also formulate safe alternatives to pregaming and ways to reduce the risks associated with high alcohol consumption. Students will be able to successfully measure a more responsible level of alcohol for their specific body type and calculate their own BAC’s.