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On Campus Access to the UD Network & Internet

Connecting to the wireless network

The University of Dayton offers two campus wireless networks: UDsecure and UDwireless.

UDsecure is the preferred wireless network for UD students, faculty and staff and provides encrypted wireless communications via the WPA2 protocol. Conveniently, once your device is configured to use UDsecure, it will automatically recognize and authenticate to this secure wireless network while you’re on campus.

Configure your wireless device with the UDsecure Setup Wizard starting Monday August 5, 2013.  Improper manual configuration may leave your device vulnerable to compromise.

UDwireless is unsecured and should only be used for the initial setup of UDsecure or if your device does not support WPA2. UDwireless will require web authentication via your device web browser each time your device connects to the network. 

Connecting to the wired network

To connect to the Internet while on campus, open a web browser and enter your UD username and password on the University of Dayton Network Access page. Alternately, on-campus users can bypass the webpage authentication by downloading the NAC agent and authenticating to our campus network through that application.  

 For assistance connecting your device to the UD network, contact the computer help desk at (937)229-3888 or helpdesk@udayton.edu.


Off Campus Access to the UD Network

Most campus resources, like UD Google Apps, Porches and Isidore, are available off-campus by logging into these websites with your UD username and password while connected to the internet (just like on-campus). 

However, a handful of secure campus resources, like Novell file storage and administrative systems (e.g. Banner INB, Cognos) are protected from off-campus and can only be accessed through use of our campus Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

To learn more about accessing secure campus resources through UD's VPN, visit http://go.udayton.edu/vpn.