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Portable & Delivered Equipment

Classroom Support offers a selection of multimedia technologies and tools that faculty and staff can request for use on or off campus.

Daily rental fees for non-academic use are listed in parenthesis.

Portable Equipment
Camcorder ($40)
CD Player / Boombox ($15)    
Data Projector ($65)
Digital Recorder ($15)
DVD Player ($25)
Extension Cord ($5)
Notebook Computer ($100)
Tape Player ($15)
Tripod ($15)
Tripod Screen 6' x 6'($20)
Wireless Microphone ($50)
Delivered Equipment
Overhead Projector ($15)
Slide Projector ($35) 
Combination Unit
PC Cart

Note: Equipment taken off campus for non-academic use is not covered by UD's insurance policy and therefore the borrower will be responsible for replacing the equipment if it is lost, stolen or damaged.

Delivered Equipment

image of cart PC Cart

Equipped with data projector, speakers, DVD Player, CD ROM, VCR, Zip Drive and a CPU or laptop

Please specify in your request which type of Audio Visual need you have.

NOTE: PC Carts are only available for delivery in Kettering Labs, Humanities, Miriam, and Science Center.

picture of combocart Combination Unit
consists of a 21" television and  a VCR on one cart
image of overhead projector Overhead Projector
Projects a transparency images onto a screen
image of slide projector Slide Projector
Comes with remote control and carousel

Portable Equipment

image of camcorder Camcorder
Video tape campus activities. Our office can also video tape projects. Tripods are available upon request.
image of document camera Document Camera
Use to capture text, photo, and 3D objects to be displayed through the data projector on a large screen. Additional light box for capturing transparencies is also available.
image of digital recorder Digital Audio Recorder
Records up to 69 hours of audio in WMA format. Includes built in USB connector for easy transfer to a computer.
image of cassette deck Cassette Deck
Records lectures and/or plays audio cassette tapes
image of CD/tape player CD/Tape Player
Plays both CD's and cassette tapes
image of microphone Wireless Microphone
Amplify voice with freedom to move around without a cord
image of speakers Sound System
system includes two powered speakers with stands, and one 50' cable
image of projector Data Projector
Projects the data from a laptop or desktop computer on to a screen
image of projector screen Quick-Set Screen
Available in several different sizes. The 4'x4' and the 6'x6' screens are both rear-projection screens for smaller venues. The 6'x8' screen is a front projection screen for  a smaller venue. The 9'x12' and the 10'x14' screens are front projection screens and useful in large or outside venues.
image of projector screen Tripod Screen
useful in a small spaces; often used for showing a movie in a classroom