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Web and Tele-Conferencing

The University of Dayton uses Global Crossing Conferencing to provide multiple audio and web conferencing services.

Below is a list of services,instructions on how to register, associated pricing, and other helpful information.


Global Crossing Ready-Access® On-demand/reservation-less audio conferencing service

  • On-demand audio conferencing – no need for reservations
  • A permanent access number and pass-code are assigned to each subscriber
  • Available 24 x 7 – 365 days per year!
  • 24 Participants (including Chairperson) can be on a call at any given time
  • Record/archive/playback your audio conference call (Additional Fees Apply)

Ready-Access Downloadable User Guide (PDF)
Ready-Access Brochure (PDF)
Ready-Access On-line tutorial (link)
Ready-Access Helpful Hints (link) 

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Global 800 Brochure

Web Meeting

Global Crossing Ready Access Web Meeting Global on-demand web conferencing. Manage your calls on-line, change account options, share Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations with participants, and record your entire meeting including any visuals for playback later. 

  • Easy to use Web conferencing service integrated with Ready-Access
  • Share presentations and graphics.
  • Recording features that let you save synchronized audio/visual content for play back at your convenience.
  • Convenient on-line playback of your recordings using Windows Media Player®.
  • Moderate your meetings with simple online commands.
  • Change your Ready-Access account options whenever you need to using audio controls.
  • Upon ordering Ready-Access, Web Meeting is automatically turned on
  • To Access your Web Meeting account, go to and select “Start/Manage a Conference” in the Web Conferencing column
  • Participants select “Join a Conference” and enter the same 800 number and access code that is being used for the audio conference


Event Call

3 levels of operator-assisted calls. Automated to 100% operator managed with all participants “greeted” by live operators. Enhanced Services such as a list of participants, managed question and answer, taping, transcription, translation, and replay are available.

  • A “high-touch” service appropriate for very important, high level conferences
  • Reserved conference is 100% operator managed
  • All participants are greeted by an operator and participant information can be collected (such as name, company, phone number, etc.)
  • Fully managed Q & A session is available at no additional charge
  • Enhanced Services such as taping, transcription, translation, and replay are available
  • Many more “high-touch” options 

Event Call Brochure (PDF) 

UDit Help/Support

UDit Helpdesk 937-229-3888

Global Crossing Customer Service

Brendan Burfeind
Sr. Account Manger
Global Crossing
312-281-2105 or

Conferencing Tips

Training Guides

Event Training (PDF)

Web Meeting Training (PDF)

Podcasting Training (PDF)

Facilitating Conference Calls

Conference calls are difficult because they do not lend themselves to some types of team activities and because you can't see - you can't see who is present, talking, and listening and you can't see the body language of the speakers and listeners. Conference calls are only one mechanism for communications with a remote team. All types of communications should be used to maximum benefit.

Best Practices for Conference Calls

1. Determine what can be handled on the call compared to videophone or face to face meeting.

Conference calls work best for:

  • Providing status.
  • Closing actions.
  • Sharing information.
  • Making simple decisions if the topics and processes are clear.
  • Maintaining personal connections.

2. Ensure agendas and materials are available to all in advance (in native language). Provide a roster of planned attendees.    Ensure that materials have page numbers for reference in the call.

3. Use time slicing/boxing the work to stay on track. Ensure times are clearly identified in the agenda.

4. Be sensitive to different time zones - alternate the times when calls are scheduled to share the pain.

5. Identify who is present at start and periodically throughout the meeting.

6. Identify yourself when speaking.

7. Use proper equipment - headsets, speakerphones, mute buttons. (and don't put the call on hold!)

8. Get verbal commitment specifically (verbal equivalent of thumbs up or down).

9. Take discussion that is only between two people off line.

Chairperson Quick Tips

Changing the Chairperson Passcode
  • Dial your Ready-Access phone number.
  • Enter your 7-digit access code, press #.
  • Press the * key, enter your current chairperson passcode, press #.
  • Select option 2 and follow the prompts to create a new chairperson passcode.
Integrate Ready-Access and Outlook
  • Download the Ready-Access® Scheduler for Outlook calendar invitations and appointments.
  • Enter your 7-digit access code, press #.
  • Press * to identify yourself as the chairperson and enter your chairperson passcode, press #.
  • Press 1 and * to start the conference or follow the prompts for further options.
Record a Conference Call Using the Phone
  • To start the recording press *2 on your phone, then press 1 to confirm that you want to begin the recording.
  • To end the recording press *2 on your phone, then press 1 to confirm that you want to stop recording.
Record a Conference Using the Web
  • Login to Web Meeting
  • To start a recording using Web Meeting, check the “Record” button on the Conference Controls tab. A prompt box will ask you to name your recording
  • To end a recording, un-check the “Record” button on the Conference Controls tab. A prompt box will ask you to confirm that you want to stop the recording.
To Access the Recording
  • Go to Archive Management and enter your Ready-Access phone number, 7-digit Access Code and Chairperson passcode.
  • The Archives List screen will display a list of recorded conferences on your subscription. From this screen you can Email, Download, Rename, and Delete the recordings. You can also add a Security passcode, get a Report of who has accessed a recording, get online Help, and Logout.
Ready-Access Web Meeting
  • Start your Ready-Access audio conference with Web Meeting.
  • Enter your Ready-Access phone number, 7-digit Access Code, and Chairperson passcode, select “Login”.
  • Collaborate with participants to share slides, applications, and your desktop.
Customer Care

Please contact the Global Crossing Customer Care Center at 1-800-650-7732 if you require assistance 24/7.

Account Manager

For questions regarding Global Crossing conferencing, please contact Brendan Burfeind at or at 312-281-2105.