Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel is an internet-based plagiarism detection service which uses a sophisticated search mechanism to compare your submissions with millions upon millions of web pages as well any other papers contained in its database (i.e., submissions from other students, in other courses, and at other universities). This is a very effective tool at detecting plagiarized work, and as such should serve as a good way to ensure the integrity of the grades earned by all students. 

If you would like more information on plagarism, please visit UD Libraries' Academic Integrity Website.
Include in the website are:
  • Videos and tutorials on plagiarism, citation styles, fair use, and copyright issues
  • Links to interactive games and quizzes
  • Library and campus resources

Account Information

If you are an instructor who would like to use for plagiarism detection in your class, please contact the E-Learning Lab for the University of Dayton's school affiliation account ID and password.  They can be reached at (937) 229-5039 or