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E-Learning Services

Welcome to the Department of Curriculum Innovation & E-Learning at the University of Dayton. Our goal is to support innovative teaching and learning initiatives for on-campus and online programs while maintaining high quality support of our existing solutions.


Isidore is the University of Dayton's Learning Management System (LMS) that runs on the Sakai platform. Named after St. Isidore of Seville, the patron saint of students and schoolchildren and recently recommended for patronage of computers and the Internet, this server is intended as a place for students to learn, share ideas, and present their work to the world.  Isidore is maintained by the E-Learning Lab. Please feel free to contact the lab at any time with questions, comments, or feature requests.

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Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is UD's synchronous online learning tool. You can use Collaborate to host a virtual lecture or meeting. Collaborate lets you share PowerPoint slides, draw on a virtual whiteboard, talk to other participants via text or voice, and ask polling questions. Lectures and meetings can also be recorded so that anyone who misses the live session can view it at their convenience. 

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Turnitin.com is an internet-based plagiarism detection service which uses a sophisticated search mechanism to compare your submissions with millions upon millions of web pages as well any other papers contained in its database (i.e., submissions from other students, in other courses, and at other universities). This is a very effective tool at detecting plagiarized work, and as such should serve as a good way to ensure the integrity of the grades earned by all students. 

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Student Response Systems (SRS), or "clickers", are becoming standard equipment in many college classrooms. These handy tools allow instructors to get instantaneous feedback through electronic polling from a large audience

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iTunes U

iTunes U is a way for faculty to post their lectures on iTunes, via audio or video podcast, so students or colleagues can access them.

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Large Group Training

The E-Learning Lab provides large group training on a variety of topics each semester.

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One-on-one Training

Do you need some individualized help? The E-Learning Lab provides one-on-one consultation (by appointment) during normal business hours.

Online Training

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