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Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are portable computing devices that take advantage of wireless or cellular networks to gain access to resources.  Most commonly, we think of:

  • cell phones (for voice and text messaging)
  • smartphones (cell phones with built in applications and internet access)
  • tablets (e.g, Apple iPad, Google Nexus, Motorola Xoom, etc.)
  • eReaders (e.g., Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, etc.)

One of the hottest current technology trends, we use these devices for a variety of purposes:  staying in touch with family and friends, checking email and calendars, accessing the internet and other information, playing games, listening to music, taking pictures, getting help in an emergency, reading books and magazines, etc.  

Access to UD Google Apps

You may wish to configure your mobile device to access your UDmail and UDcalendar.  Follow the appropriate instructions for your type of device.

Mobile device security

Below are recommendations for keeping your device -- whether personal or University-owned -- and work-related data safe.

If you carry a UD-owned device, UDit will install an agent to help secure the device; contact the UDit Help Desk at or (937) 229-3888.

  1. Physically label your device with your name and a phone number at which you may be contacted.  Be sure to note your device's serial number in your own records.
  2. Install operating system and application (app) updates as soon as they become available
  3. If your device supports encryption, enable it
  4. Set a reasonable, hard-to-guess password.  4-6 digits are acceptable if used in combination with an auto-erase policy (see #5 below)
  5. Set your device to auto-erase after 10-15 failed login attempts (if available)
  6. Set your device to auto-lock after 10-15 minutes
  7. Install anti-virus/anti-malware software (if available)
  8. Disable Bluetooth and any services that you don't use
  9. Install remote management software (e.g., "MobileMe" for iOS devices; "Google Apps Device Policy" app for Android devices).  These programs allow users to reset passwords, lock/wipe devices remotely and locate misplaced devices
  10. Periodically back up the contents of your device and check that you aren't storing any sensitive documents

UD-owned Mobile Devices

A number of University of Dayton employees have job responsibilities that require them to be away from their office (on or off campus) OR to be available after normal business hours.  In these instances, the employee's supervisor may request to use University funds to acquire a cell phone or smartphone to provide the employee with mobile access to phone and/or data services.

In addition, a number of faculty and staff are experimenting with tablets to support and enhance teaching, research, advising, and related communication and collaboration activities while away from their office.