Equipment Services

University IT Directors and affiliated IT staff are encouraged to request reallocated computer hardware from UDit as needed. In addition to redistributing useful items to university departments, UDit coordinates donation of surplus items to local non-profit organizations.

Equipment Removal

Equipment tagged by UDit will be disposed of at no cost. Untagged network printers, towers, monitors, televisions, typewriters or laptops and faculty/staff personal equipment will be disposed of for a fee (see "Equipment Removal Fee" below).
To request pickup of departmental equipment, call the UDit help desk. Deliver any personal equipment designated for disposal to the UDit help desk in Anderson Center 026. All equipment must be accompanied by an Equipment Removal Form (see below). 

All equipment recycling is done in accordance with current EPA standards and includes a secure erasure of all storage devices consistent with the highest Department of Defense Standards.

Equipment Request

UDit reallocates returned equipment for use on campus or by local non-profits upon request. Complete the appropriate form below to request used equipment.