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A message from the CIO

Tom SkillCan you hear IT?

I hope not. And except for the e-learning team, training folks and help-desk staff, I don't even want you to be aware of us. That may seem disingenuous. After all, I am drawing your attention to us right now. But the success of an effective infrastructure is that when we're doing our job right, you forget we're here.

Quiet, but not idle.

UD information technologies operate in the background to the bustle of daily life on campus making sure that you have the tools and services you need to get your work done -- the computing, networking, telecom and information production tools that support the core value of the University of Dayton: service to community.

Getting Louder

We see our roles in technology support as those of teacher, collaborator and innovator. As teacher, we help students, faculty and staff build their technology skills through a world-class e-learning system, beyond-the-classroom training events, faculty exchange series and student employment opportunities.

Leading the conversation.

If you're at UD, we're talking with you.

Each day, we work with every one of you, sometimes invisibly, but often face-to-face as we install your computing equipment, help you get software and hardware tools, set up video, web and teleconferencing sessions, deliver classroom media, train you, run your computing jobs and answer your questions at our service-focused help desk. We take pride in collaborating with you in your academic, research and administrative work.

Ears to the rails.

In fulfilling our part of the mission of the University of Dayton, we've held ourselves accountable for leading innovation and delivering a future-facing breadth of computing and communication tools, services, and learning opportunities. UD's range and depth of IT services have been improving steadily over the last ten years.  And we are actively looking ahead. With initiatives like Project Summit -- our Banner ERP system that will soon replace several aging administrative applications and also provide a long-needed campus-wide portal -- we are pushing IT services at UD to new places.

We are still listening and want to hear from you.

To be a responsive technology organization in service to the UD community, we need to know what you need and where you want to go. Please contact me or any of the IT staff of professionals to talk about the future of IT at the University of Dayton.

We help. We connect. We innovate. We serve you.

Thomas Skill, Ph.D.
Associate Provost & CIO
Professor, Communication
University of Dayton Information Technologies
300 Miriam Hall