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What is the UD Women's Center?

The Women's Center at the University of Dayton is an educational space that serves to enhance the climate for women and men on campus (Women's Center Mission Statement). Located on the second floor of Alumni Hall, the Center advances the full and active participation of women students, staff and faculty who learn and work at the University of Dayton, while promoting campus and community conversations on the role of women in society and the world.

The Center accomplishes this mission by facilitating and coordinating programs and initiatives which:

  • promote the physical and psychological well being of women through education, support services and referral;
  • provide an ongoing assessment of the campus climate for women;
  • promote the active and full participation of UD women through service, education, mentoring, networking and advocacy;
  • inculcate leadership skills;
  • address gender-related topics;provide information to the campus community on women's issues;
  • provide a place to build a community of scholarship to advance research on women and gender;
  • create a welcoming and safe space for persons of different racial, social, gender, religious, and cultural backgrounds;
  • call women and men of all faiths to explore and incorporate faith-based living into their everyday lives.


Is the Women's Center a "safe space" for victims and survivors of sexual misconduct and domestic violence?

The Women's Center staff have a thorough understanding of the University's support services and policies relating to these situations. Victims and survivors of sexual assault, sexual harassment, other forms of sexual misconduct, and domestic violence will find caring, compassionate listeners in the Women's Center, as well as information about and enterée into the University's and Dayton community's support services. Click here to access the Sexual Harassment - Misconduct Resource Guide and Policy.


Where is the Women's Center located?

The Women's Center is located in the heart of campus, on the second floor of Alumni Hall. It is accessible through doors at the north end of the building (facing KU), or through doors in the center of the building, facing either Humanities Plaza or Founders Hall. An elevator to the second floor is accessible from these center doors.


Why do we need a Women's Center at UD?

Documents defining the University of Dayton as a Catholic and Marianist institution include a fundamental commitment to gender equity:

"Marianist universities work to eliminate gender inequity both in their institutions and in the wider community. The university assures men and women equal educational and leadership opportunities, adequate representation and fair salaries."  - Characteristics of Marianist Universities, 1999

This statement and others contained in Vision 2005: The Foundation, Characteristics of Marianist Universities, and the Statement on the Catholic and Marianist Identity of the University of Dayton, speak eloquently of gender equity and building an inclusive community. But as documented time and again over the past 20+ years, this rhetorical commitment stood in contrast to the status of gender equity at UD. As the President's Advisory Committee on Women's Issues (ACWI), said in its February 2000 Status Report and Recommendations, “As the principles of gender equity and equality characterize the University's mission and life, so too must institutional character be defined by actions. Only actions validate the stated commitment.” The opening of the UD Women's Center in January 2003 was an important step toward the University demonstrating, through its actions, its commitment to "…foster[ing] the well being of women in all dimensions: physical, psychological, intellectual, social, and spiritual."


Why isn't there a Men's Center at UD?

Despite even its very explicit commitments to gender equity, the University of Dayton hasn't existed in a vacuum for the past 160+ years. For the most part, men – especially heterosexual, white males – in American society and in most societies throughout the world have not been discriminated against and had to fight for equal rights like women have in areas such as voting, access to education, employment and salary equity, marital laws, religious institutions, social organizations, etc. A large body of research exists which clearly documents gender-based discrimination against women. Traditionally, American and world history have focused primarily on the achievements and contributions of men, and have largely ignored those of women. In essence, society and social, educational, political and religious institutions have served as “men's centers.”


Who is welcome in the Women's Center?

By design, the Women's Center operates on two levels – as both an educational “space” and as a network within the UD community to facilitate ongoing conversations on the status and roles of women. To achieve this, all members of the University of Dayton community, women, men, students, staff and faculty, are welcome in the Center. Unless otherwise noted, all the Center's programming, initiatives and resources are open to the entire UD community. Likewise, the Center's space is available for use by any UD faculty, student, staff member or group who would like to use it, subject to guidelines found elsewhere on this website.


What is the difference between the Women's Center and Women's and Gender Studies?

At UD, the Women's Center and Women's and Gender Studies have distinctly different, yet complementary, missions. The 30+ year-old academic program called Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary major/minor. Women's and Gender Studies attempts to compensate for the traditional omission from many curricula of the historical and contemporary contributions of women. It also looks to the future, intending to enhance the dignity, worth, and effectiveness of all women.

In contrast, the Women's Center is not an academic program, but rather a physical space and a network of women and men faculty, staff and students committed to, “…advance[ing] the full and active participation of women students, staff and faculty who learn and work at the University of Dayton, while promoting campus and community conversations on the role of women in society and the world.” The Center's programming and initiatives will focus on “linking” and “adding value to” the resources for women that currently exist at UD, filling in “gaps” when necessary.


When is the Women's Center open?

The Women's Center is open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday, closed on weekends and  University holidays. Meeting rooms are available at other times by contacting Center staff at 937-229-5390 or contact.


What is the Women's Center Resource Center and how do I access it?

Located in Alumni Hall #209, the Women's Center maintains a collection of books, videos, journals and newsletters on a variety of mission-related topics including: Physical Health, Emotional Health, History/Herstory, Self-Help and Empowerment, Spirituality and Religion, Women and Art, Violence/Abuse/Power, General Reading, and others. The Resource Center also maintains information on UD and Dayton community resources and service providers targeted toward women.

Visitors can browse and check out materials in the collection by visiting the Women's Center in person, or by searching the Roesch Library online catalog.


How can I use Women's Center space for a meeting, function or display?

The Women's Center has three distinct areas that can be reserved for meetings or other activities. They include:

  • AL #206 Conference Room:  10-12 seated around a formal conference table
  • AL #208B Lounge:  up to 7 seated in a casual setting with no meeting table
Go to Reserve Space for information about reserving any of these spaces.

In addition to these two rooms, the main corridors of the Women's Center can be reserved as gallery space for exhibitions, art displays, etc. Contact Center staff about scheduling the corridor.


Where can I get more information about activities and events of particular interest to women?

The Women's Center maintains a calendar of events on this website that can be accessed by clicking here>>. In addition you can sign up for our bi-semester newsletter called Voices Raised on this link>>.  Of course you can always drop by the Women's Center (Alumni Hall, 2nd floor) and talk to staff or read the bulletin board.   Events are also posted on flyers throughout campus.