Be A Better You: Love Your Body Month

“Looks, girls learn early, collapse into a metaphor for everything else. They quickly become the defining criteria for our status and our worth. And somewhere along the line, we stop believing in the power of our minds and our bodies.”

- Susan Jane Gilman

“Primarily girls are told by advertisers what is most important to them is their perfume, their clothing, their bodies, their beauty. Their “essence” is their underwear. Girls of all ages get the message that they must be flawlessly beautiful and, about all these days, they must be thin. Even more destructively, they get the message that this is possible, that, with enough effort and self-sacrifice, they can achieve this ideal. Thus many girls spend enormous amounts of time and energy attempting to achieve something that is only trivial but also completely unattainable."

- Jean Kilbourne, From the book: Can’t Buy My Love

According to the National Organization for Women (NOW) Foundation, 80% of women in  the United States are dissatisfied with their appearance. This boils down to only one out of every five women having a positive body image. To counter this, the UD Women’s Center has dedicated the entire month of October to building a positive self image. The theme, Be a Better You: Love your Body Month will focuses on prevention.  The Women’s Center and other UD departments are sponsor many events on campus to inspire women to take comfort in and love their bodies.

The 2012 Be A Better You: Love Your Body Month Collaborators:

Adrienne Niess, ArtStreet Kate Henry, Human Resources
Becky Cook, Ph.D., Counseling Center
Kendell Ross, GA, Wellness Program
Carlos Stewart, Office of Multicultural Affairs
Mary Buchwalder, M.D.., Health Center
Judy Caruso, Facilities Management/Residential Properties Pattie Waugh, Women's Center
Kara Cotley, '15 Women's Center