Mentoring Program Participants at a Kickoff Event


1)"Excellent opportunity to get to know another 'asset' of the university." (mentor)

2)"Mentoring or being mentored is an invaluable experience for all !!!   Having different perspectives from which to draw creates a more holistic view of one’s capacities, strengths and opportunities for growth." (mentor)

3)"I found the mentoring program very valuable from several perspectives. As a mentor, it allowed me to give back my learning to someone else. It also created learning for me by discussion of issues and situations with my mentee." (mentor)

4)"This program was relevant, substantive, and interesting. I felt that I grew as a mentor and even in the role of mentee." (mentor)

5)"This has been one of the highlights of my career at UD...I love that I was able to mentor now that I'm a tenured faculty member." (mentor)

6)"The mentoring program was a great way to meet peers and other professional women on campus. Some of us keep in touch even 2 years after we completed our session." (mentee)

7)"The program was superb, it really helped me with my career objectives and I also developed a terrific friendship with my mentor." (mentee)

8)"Having a mentor with long term experience at the University was very helpful...I believe we both benefited from the relationship." (mentee)

9)"I can honestly say that I believe I receive more than I give in this relationship -what a wonderful experience this continues to be . This is one relationship that has no end in sight". (mentor) And from her mentee : "I can't tell you how positively this experience has affected me at a very crucial time in my own professional development." (mentee)