Miryam Award winners receiving a blessing

Our mission is inclusive and empowering.

Launched in January 2003, the Center is the culmination of years of research and activism by dozens of UD students, faculty and staff. Our Center has a very ambitious mission and aims to serve the entire UD community:

The Women’s Center is an educational space that enhances the climate for women and men on campus. The Center advances the full and active participation of women who learn and work at the University of Dayton while promoting campus and community conversations on the role of women in society and the world.

The Women’s Center embodies the University’s Catholic and Marianist commitments and ideals which include the Catholic vision of learning and scholarship, the Marianist tradition of educating the whole person within a diverse community, and the University mission of linking learning and scholarship with leadership and service.

Drawing on the example of the mother of Jesus, Mary - mother, disciple, prophet, advocate for social justice, student, woman of prayer - the Center works to foster the well being of women in all dimensions: physical, psychological, intellectual, social, and spiritual.

Sanctuary and Social Justice

The Center promotes the physical and psychological well being of women students, staff and faculty through education, support services and referral. It provides an ongoing assessment of the campus climate for women students and employees with regard to policies and practices relevant to work and life. 

Service and Leadership

The Center promotes the active and full participation of women students, staff and faculty in the educational community through service, education, mentoring, networking and advocacy. It inculcates leadership skills that will help make women students distinctive graduates and will enable women faculty and staff to advance in leadership positions within the University.

Scholarship and Learning

Connecting learning across disciplines and beyond the boundaries of the campus community, the Center initiates and coordinates educational opportunities and programming addressing gender-related topics and provides information to the campus community on women’s issues. It provides a place to build a community of scholarship to advance research on women and gender. 

Spirituality and Community

The Center contributes to the University’s mission to be a strong and diverse community of learners and scholars by creating a welcoming and safe space for persons of different racial, social, gender, religious, and cultural backgrounds. In conjunction with Campus Ministry, the Center calls women and men of all faiths to explore and incorporate faith-based living into their everyday lives. 

Connected, distinctive, and community-building, the Center strives to promote equality, understanding and mutual respect and to foster a strong educational community in which women and men are supported, challenged and prepared to learn, lead, and serve.