Taking Care of Women Students' Health on Campus

UD's Health Center provides students important services for taking care of their health:

Well-Woman Exams

Well-woman exams including breast exams*, Pap smears/pelvic exams, teaching in self-exam techniques

*Mammograms can be ordered. Usually mammograms are less helpful in young women with breast problems because women under 30 generally have more glandular and fibrous tissue and less fatty breast tissue (fat makes the mammogram easier to read and to see worrisome changes).

STD Screening and Education

STD screening for chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV, syphilis, chanroid, trichomonas, molluscrum contagiosum, genital warts, cervical cancer (yes, this is considered to be a sexually transmitted disease caused by HPV, human papilloma virus), hepatitis B&C.

Patient education and answers to questions about STDs and STD risks (including questions particular to gay/lesbian/bisexual students).

Treatment for Gynecological Problems

Treatment of minor gynecological problems including irregular menses, prolonged lack of periods, problems related to birth control pills**, and regulation of periods, breast pain or lumps, nipple discharge, etc.

Follow-up testing after a diagnosis of an abnormal Pap or after treatment of an STD - results can be faxed to your primary gynecologist if requested.

Referrals to local OB/GYN physicians for more complicated gynecological problems.

** Because UD is a Catholic institution, we do not routinely prescribe contraceptives, consistent with Church teachings. However, there are some diagnoses that do require hormonal treatments. These are considered an acceptable treatment by the Catholic Church (because the primary intent is treatment of a medical problem, not contraception), and are available at the Health Center.

Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy testing is freein the Health Center for an appointment call 937-229-3131. For more information regarding pregnancy support click here >>

-Dr. B.