We're creating forward momentum — for the university and the world.

    University of Dayton researchers are dedicated to developing new sources of clean alternative energy.

    We conduct millions of dollars in sponsored research annually in virtually all areas of energy — wind, fuel cells and batteries, algae, coal-to-liquid fuels and other clean, alternative energy research. And our scientists are leading synthetic fuel efforts at a one-of-a-kind U.S. Air Force facility.

    The von Ohain Fuels and Combustion Center in the School of Engineering is ranked by NASA among the top three fuels and combustion programs at national research universities, and the state of Ohio has named the University of Dayton a Center of Excellence in Fuels and Combustion.

    We don't just excel in alternative energy research. One of our Fulbright scholars is conducting noteworthy research in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and another — tops in his field — is developing environmentally safer fire-resistant materials.

    Creating a sustainable future is one of the world's greatest challenges. We're devoted to making the discoveries that will benefit humanity. 

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