Complete our J.D. in Two Years

Pursuing a law degree doesn't have to be a daunting task. If you are considering starting a new career as a lawyer or are facing the challenge of balancing your studies with the demands of family life, we have the answer: our two-year J.D. program.

The program allows you to begin law school in May and graduate with a degree two years later. This means you save money, graduate sooner and can become employed faster with less disruption in the pursuit of your legal career.


Begin classes in May 2015 and graduate in May 2017:

1st semester (May–August 2015): 16 credit hours
2nd semester (SeptemberDecember 2015): 15 credit hours
3rd semester (JanuaryMay 2016): 18 credit hours
Summer term (MayAugust 2016): 5 credit hours
4th semester (SeptemberDecember 2016): 18 credit hours
5th semester (JanuaryMay 2017): 18 credit hours