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Christian Service Award

For Living Out the Marianist Ideals in Today's Society

The Christian Service Award is presented to alumni of the University whose life’s work best reflects the unique quality of service and sacrifice to others, consistent with the Marianist’s identity of the University of Dayton.

It is given to alumni who have devoted their life in service to others, who affirms the fullness and complexity of human existence, who appreciates social justice and who brings about changes that make it more possible to live the Marianist ideal in contemporary society.

This award celebrates the rare alumnus whose life is devoted to extraordinary self sacrifice for the benefit of others. To be eligible a person must be a graduate of the University of Dayton with an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree. The Alumni Board anticipates that this award will only be given when, from the pool of nominations for alumni awards, an individual clearly meets the criteria for the award. Unless there is a compelling reason to warrant an exception, only one award will be presented in any given year.

Christina Herold Hill

Bachelor of Science, Secondary Education '68

Christina Herold Hill '68

In 2002, Chris Hill had a conversation with Brother Ray Fitz, the result of which has affected the lives of several thousand students in Nairobi, Kenya, not to mention the life of Chris herself. Today because of the efforts of Chris, each of the 2,100 students at that country's Our Lady of Nazareth Primary School, receives a breakfast in the morning. This school, run by the Marianists in a Nairobi slum, also has a new kitchen provided by Chris as well as the funds to employ the hiring of two women to prepare the Uji (a maize-based, cream of wheat type meal). Chris understood the immediate need - that children attending school with an empty stomach are not alert in class and have difficulty achieving. And because of Chris's generosity, the 7th graders take a field trip every year and the 8th graders have a graduation party to celebrate their accomplishments. Prior to Chris's efforts, those young boys and girls could not have even imagined such an opportunity. Chris returns to the school twice a year to volunteer, and to the students, she is known as "Mama Uji." Chris is a 1968 alumna of the University, having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education.

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