Special Achievement Award

The Special Achievement Award is presented to an alumnus who has distinguished himself or herself by earning special distinction in civic or professional activities, and has, by his or her actions, reflected honor on the Alumni Association and the University. The Special Achievement Award is given for outstanding achievement in business, in industry, through professional excellence, by civic activity or by service to the community. To be eligible, a person must be a graduate of the University of Dayton with an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree.

Jan Lepore-Jentleson `71

Jan Lepore-Jentleson `71

Over two decades ago, while working as the manager of the Division of Neighborhood Development for the City of Dayton, Jan Lepore-Jentleson saw what was needed to improve impoverished communities: an intermediary neighborhood organization to foster a long-range neighborhood vision and develop strategic partnerships to realize that vision. Then, in 1998, she boldly pursued this idea, leaving her job to establish East End Community Services, a nonprofit organization that strives to break generational poverty in Dayton’s Twin Towers Neighborhood. As founder and executive director, she has developed numerous programs and partnerships to improve the lives of children and families — fostering the most effective community service agency in Dayton. She grew the organization from the ground up, now employing 45 individuals and garnering over 250 volunteers. Under Jan’s direction, EECS actively engages 4,000 community members in their programming, providing impactful after-school and summer educational programs for elementary school children, youth development to ensure high school graduation and education or training beyond, job training and placement, as well as parenting classes, for adults, care for the elderly, food insecurity efforts, family support services, and housing programs. In addition, EECS is actively involved with Ruskin School, the neighborhood public school, to ensure students’ needs on all fronts are met. Through EECS’s engagement, Ruskin is the second highest performing elementary school in the district, behind Horace Mann, which is in a neighborhood that has very few of the demographic challenges that face Ruskin. Jan is a selfless and immensely dedicated servant leader who has built a network of dedicated community members to battle systematic poverty — positively impacting the lives of countless children and families in the Dayton region. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from UD in 1971.

Steven Budd `76

Steven Budd `76 After graduating from the University of Dayton, Steven Budd began a career devoted to strengthening his adopted hometown of Dayton. In 1978, he came onboard Dayton’s CityWide Development Corporation — a nonprofit organization devoted to the revitalization of Dayton—as a housing analyst and steadily rose through the ranks, becoming president in 1989 and holding that position until his retirement last year. During his time at the helm of CityWide, he envisioned and implemented dozens of projects that have created thousands of jobs and helped turn around several of Dayton’s residential neighborhoods. In short, Steve has had a hand in every major redevelopment project over the last few decades in the City of Dayton. Among these projects are the Genesis Project, devoted to the revitalization of the University of Dayton and Miami Valley Hospital neighborhoods, and the creation of Tech Town in downtown Dayton, which resulted in the redevelopment of 30 acres of brownfield into three large office buildings for technology-related employers — 50 technology companies now reside there. Steve has also served on numerous boards in the Dayton region, often as chair, including the Downtown Dayton Partnership, the Dayton Ballet, the Culture Works performing arts fund campaign and the Montgomery County Historical Society. Through all of these efforts and more, Steven has greatly strengthened the region’s prosperity and vitality, positively impacting the lives of countless Dayton-area residents. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UD in 1976 and a master’s degree in Public Administration from UD in 1978.

Past Recipients

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William J. Gutbrod '50 
Thomas M. Hannigan '66 
Gerald M. Hauer '56 
Nancy K. Hayes '73 
Allen Hill '67, '72
Joseph Hinrichs '89
Daniel J. Hornbach '74
Sharon Davis Howard '78
Ann Hudock '90, '93
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John J. Peterangelo '67 
Margaret E. Peters '59 
Diane Kitzerow Phillips '64 
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Daniel Patrick Pugh '79 
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Virginia MacMillan Varga '51 
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Robert L. Westerheide '56 
Marcy Weston '66 
A. William Wiggenhorn '66 
Michael D. Wilson '70 
Kevin J. Wood '69 
Helen A. Yura-Petro '53 
Haleem N. Zihenni '88


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