Board of Directors

Alumni Board of Directors

UD Campus


Rick Granite '88

President - Elect

Ray Blakeney '93 Chair, Scholarship Committee
Chair, Nominating Committee


Connie Resendes '85 Chair, Finance Committee

Board Members

Josh Beitel '10
Chair, day10 Committee

Jason Capone '07
Chair, Community Council

Eileen Cunningham '87

Mary Downing-Smith '77

Steve Geise '92
Vice-Chair, Community Council

Allison Hemming '89

Tarek Kamil '90

Kevin Miskewicz '09
At-Large Representative (Outgoing)

Suzanne Petrusch '95

Dan Prindle '11

Michelle Riviello Norris '02
At-Large Representative
Boton Community Leader

Tony Pascale '63
Chair, Golden Flyers

Jennifer Weed '95

Paula Sideras
Ex-Officio, Executive Director,
Advancement Relations and Events

Hailee Rennels '18
Student Alumni Association President

Anita Brothers
Director, Alumni Relations & Engagement


Alumni Relations

Daniel J. Curran Place
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 7052