2018 Senior Picnic

Student Alumni Association

SAA is dedicated to enhancing the connection between past, present and future students. We work to create a sense of community and instill a lifelong commitment to the University of Dayton. SAA helps create a culture of philanthropy on campus by encouraging students to participate in programs that inspire a positive volunteering and giving culture.

SAA members work on a variety of projects:

  • Collaborate with local alumni communities to develop partnership opportunities for students and alumni.
  • Plan and implement activities on campus to inspire philanthropy and gratitude to the University of Dayton.
  • Work as networking hosts for the Alumni Leadership Conference.
  • Plan graduating senior sendoff events including Senior’s Last Supper, Senior Link Bike Tour and more.
  • Coordinate the Dinners for 5 Flyers program to bring together students and alumni.
  • Manage the Final Exam Pizza Program.
  • Lead student engagement efforts for the I Love UD campaign.


Amy Hamilton

Amy Hamilton

Associate Director of Alumni Engagement

300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469-7052