Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do you want to build a house?
    Living in the student neighborhood is part of the unique Flyer experience, and we want to preserve that for future Flyers. Help us build another house to keep the neighborhood tradition alive.

    What contributes to the cost of the house?
    The house will feature five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a laundry room. The house will include a sprinkler system and monitored fire alarm system, and it will be handicap accessible. It will be a certified Gold sustainable house that meets the stringent requirements of the National Green Build Standard. The cost of the house also includes all furniture and appliances.

    How will students be selected to live in the house?
    The house will initially be available to any student taking part in the housing assignment process. In future years, students and UD’s office of housing and residence life can designate the house for special interest groups that set goals to meet during the academic year.

    Can I stay in the house?
    No, the house will be part of the normal assignment process for student housing.

    What do I get if I give to the house?
    Every level of giving is important, but there are also special recognition opportunities for generous donors:

    • Give $25 or more, and your name will be cemented into the house’s foundation.
    • Give $1,000 or more and your name will be engraved on a paver outside the house.
    • Give $5,000 or more and your name on will be carved on the cornerstone or other prominent location.

    Is the house my only option for giving during I Love UD?
    You can choose from any of our funds. We appreciate your support of the University, no matter what you choose to fund.

    When will the house be built?
    If we reach our goal of $300,000, the house can be built by the end of summer 2015 and livable by Spring 2016.

    Can I have a say in any elements for the house?
    Students, alumni and the Flyer community will have the opportunity to vote on the house location, color and interior elements.

    What are the possible locations for the house?
    It will be built in the 400-block of Lowes, 300-block of Stonemill or 400-block of Stonemill. All of these locations contain open lots that can be ready for building to start in March.

    What is the assignment process for student housing?
    For questions about the housing assignment process, please contact UD’s office of housing and residence life.


    Annual Giving

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