Need some ideas?

    Here are fifty!

    1. Let a parent with small children cut in front of you in line.
    2. Take old towels or blankets to a local animal shelter.
    3. Leave change on one of the rides at the store/mall.
    4. Take a meal or cookies to a neighbor.
    5. Send flowers to a nursing home to be shared with those who don’t get visitors.
    6. Scrape the windshield of the car next to you.
    7. Buy a cup of coffee for the next person who comes to the counter.
    8. Send an anonymous card to someone.
    9. Make the friendly phone call you’ve been meaning to make.
    10. Visit or call an older neighbor or relative. Take time to listen.
    11. Tweet to your friends about how special they are.
    12. Pick up litter on a neighborhood walk.
    13. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway.
    14. Buy a good-neighbor sack at the grocery store.
    15. Offer to care for a friend’s children so the parent can make a solo shopping trip.
    16. Be a sponsor for the local high school musical.
    17. Hold the door open for a person behind you.
    18. Go out to lunch with a friend and pick up the whole check.
    19. Send a “thinking of you” card to a friend or relative who lost someone close in the past year.
    20. Send a cheery card to someone.
    21. Speak up against bullying.
    22. Clean out your closet and donate to a nonprofit.
    23. Leave a 100 percent tip for a server.
    24. Volunteer at a location of your choice.
    25. Say you’re sorry.
    26. Help a co-worker with a project.
    27. Send a thank you note to someone who did something kind.
    28. Ask restaurant servers how THEY are. That makes their day.
    29. Tape a dollar to the Red Box machine so that someone can get a free rental.
    30. Make care bags for the homeless to keep in your car and hand out when needed (toiletries, bottled water, grocery gift cards, and ready-to-eat foods.)
    31. If you experience excellent customer service, let a supervisor know.
    32. Bring bagels or doughnuts to class or your office.
    33. Purchase gift cards and give to a cashier to pay for the next customers.
    34. Say hello to someone sitting alone.
    35. Add extra money at a vending machine so the next person will get theirs free.
    36. Bring coffee or hot chocolate to outdoor workers.
    37. Write a thank you note to your child’s teachers.
    38. Take homemade cookies or cupcakes to a police or fire station.
    39. Hand-write and mail a note to a classmate or friend.
    40. Bring your child’s teacher a coffee or treat.
    41. Help someone with groceries to their car.
    42. Smile and say hello to people (and enjoy the look of surprise on their faces).
    43. Tell someone you love them.
    44. Hug a friend.
    45. Clear the table for your friends after a meal.
    46. Write a letter telling someone what you like about your friendship.
    47. If you’re driving by someone you know, offer a ride.
    48. Buy coffee for someone and deliver it to them.
    49. Pull your neighbor’s trash bin up their driveway on a snowy day.
    50. Say thank you.