I Love UD Residents

    Thank you for your generosity!

    Alumni and friends came together in community for 48 hours to show their love for the students, the neighborhood and the University. Thanks to the Flyer community, a new five-person, five-bedroom, green home was built at 405 Stonemill Road!

    Click here to see photos of the construction process, donor recognition and new residents!

    Donor Recognition

    The foundation for the I Love UD House was poured on May 15. The names of donors to the house were printed on a 4' x 8' banner and placed in the foundation. Check out the video below to watch your name become a permanent part of the student neighborhood.

    New Residents

    Below is a bit of information about some of the residents living in a house built by the generosity of alumni and friends.

    Sarah Stalder, Class of 2016
    From Strongsville, Ohio
    "...We had always joked about being able to live in the new house on campus, but never thought it would be a reality. I am so excited to be able to spend my senior year living with four of my best friends in a brand new house in the best location in the student neighborhood. We are so blessed to have such supportive alumni whose donations have made our senior year in the student neighborhood one we will never forget."

    Monami Choudhuri, Class of 2016
    From San Diego, California
    “...My roommates found out about the I Love UD House and then decided to prank Sarah and me. They told us "Yeah, our future house is literally the parking lot; we got booted from the lottery." I was freaking out and about to drive back to UD… They finally told us the truth, and I was freaking out again but this time in happiness. I have never felt so blessed. I'm really excited to live here this year and so thankful! The donors are awesome; let them know that!”

    Katie Klima, Class of 2016
    From Rocky River, Ohio
    “...My roommates and I did not have the best of luck in the lottery this past year, and as juniors, we were placed in Garden Apartments. All we wanted was to have a great senior year in the student neighborhood.... It still doesn't seem real to me. Being able to live in this house this next year is a dream for my senior year, and I already know that this year is going to be my best one at UD.”

    Lindsey Simko, Class of 2016
    From Strongsville, Ohio
    “My first thought when I found out that we won the house was that I felt that I won the lottery! I was so ecstatic that I would be able to spend my senior year with my best friends in a new house! It still feels like a dream. I am so incredibly grateful for the alumni and the gift that they have given in building this house. I absolutely cannot wait for this next year!”


    Annual Giving

    300 College Park  
    Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 7053