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What is a private foundation?
A private foundation is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization with funds and program managed by its own trustees or directors. For additional information on foundation descriptions and the industry of foundations, please refer to the General Information about Foundations document. 

How does Corporate and Foundation Relations manage fundraising efforts?
CFR is designated as the University of Dayton’s central clearing house to manage comprehensive relationships with corporations and private foundations. The CFR team works to increase the amount and relevance of philanthropic support for the University of Dayton and promotes University priorities, as designated by the president, trustees, provost, and deans of the academic units.

How can CFR help me?
CFR can assist your funding needs through providing resources and advisement to create strong inquiries and proposals to private foundations and corporations. We can help you identify areas of opportunity for your program or project to prepare for funding, identify funding prospects with supporting research, provide proposal and inquiry editing assistance, and advise proposal positioning from a funder’s perspective to help increase your proposal’s success. The CFR team also provides University historical information about relationships with funders and insights gleaned from past interactions and/or proposals, and assists in obtaining University documentation and signatures. We can manage external communications based on research, strategy and experience. The CFR team can also act as a liaison across the University on behalf of your request. We help manage your proposal or formal inquiry so that you have a team behind you; ensuring that your proposal is optimally positioned for success. For a full explanation of services provided, please refer the Services and Structure page.

How can I learn more about what funding opportunities might be available?
You may fill out the CFR Request Form to receive a first-level funding analysis within two to six weeks, depending on University priority and current prospect research volume. To learn more please refer our Applying for Funding page. You can also research various opportunities independently. You can find more information about this on the Research Resources page.

Should I contact the office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) or the Contracts and Grants Office (CGO) about my project?
Contact CFR if you believe there would be interest by private foundations and corporations. Contact CGO if you are applying for a government grant or sponsored research. Both offices coordinate with one another so if you are confused about who to contact, either office will provide you with the right direction. A more in-depth explanation is available on our Comparison page. 

What is an LOI?
An LOI is a Letter of Inquiry. The letter serves to introduce your organization and proposed project to a foundation or corporation. It is often the initial point of contact requested by a foundation. It is used by grant program officers to determine whether the project is of interest and aligned with the foundation’s goals. Often foundations specify required or suggested components for an LOI; follow these guidelines closely. You can contact CFR for resources and for assistance in crafting an LOI. Several sample documents are available online

What is generally included in a proposal?
Proposal packages generally include a cover letter, executive summary, statement of need, project description and methodology including its anticipated impact, key personnel qualifications, and budget and evaluation information. There are various "Why?" questions that are important to answer in a strong proposal. They include: Why your organization?, Why your program?, and Why are you asking our foundation/corporation? Several sample documents are available online.

Many foundations provide the format and suggested components required in a proposal to their organization. Refer to the Pre-Proposal Worksheet for a list of questions to answer in a strong proposal. You may contact CFR for resources and assistance in crafting a proposal. 

Can the CFR office assist me with applications to federal government grants?
As a unit of Advancement, the CFR office focuses on private sector philanthropy from non-government agencies. Thus, we are unable to assist with government applications. Faculty applying for federal, state or municipal grants should contact CGO and the relevant grant administrator for their department.


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