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Stewardship and Hosting Visitors


Funding awards made from corporations and private foundations are stewarded through the CFR office with assistance from the fund seeker or program director, as appropriate. The fund-seeker maintains reporting dates and provides relevant information for reports. See the Applying for Funding page for more details. CFR staff will also maintain a calendar of stewardship dates and will send a reminder and request any additional necessary resources four weeks prior to the report date.

Hosting foundation and corporate site visits

Occasionally, corporations and foundations request a site visit, either before they approve support or during the support period itself. The structure of these visits varies depending on the organization and the purpose of the visit. CFR staff have experience planning site visits and can help you respond to the organization's needs and requests. This might include arranging to have a UD administrator attend part of the meeting, involving students, planning an agenda, location and services, and developing customized documents and presentations.


Corporate and Foundation Relations

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