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We are a Community of Faith

The Chapel of the Immaculate Conception is the heart and soul of our University. Constructed in 1869, it is the center of the University community and the physical manifestation of our guiding principles. It is, in every sense, our home.

The recent renovations were necessary and could not have been completed without the generous support from donors — in the form of their time, talents and gifts.

Beyond Bricks and MortarChapel Interior

Many of the chapel’s most beautiful features came to life through unique gifts from supporters. The stained glass windows, which depict stories from Scripture, were restored with the support of 10 donors (and the talents of Michael Whapham and Garrett Pilarski of Franklin Art Glass in Columbus).

The AR-Hale Foundation provided the funding for the cupola bell tower. One of the earliest gifts — from President Daniel J. Curran and his wife Claire Renzetti — was the baptismal font located prominently near the chapel entrance. And a host of other donors provided support that made possible new copper stations of the cross, restoration of the iconic wooden doors and an adjacent courtyard, among others.

From Farm to Chapel

Chapel Window

One of the most heart-warming gifts was the donation from Francis Berkemeier ’69 and his wife, Janet: walnut grown on their farm in Jackson County, Michigan. The Berkemeiers harvested and cut the wood that now beautifully lines the entrance to the chapel and forms other accents within the space.

“UD announced plans for the chapel, and I said, that’s something we can participate in. I’d be overjoyed to see what we could do,” Berkemeier said. “We have a long-standing relationship with the University, and it’s extended for several generations now. We’re grateful that we have become part of the UD family.”

Our Chapel, Our Mission

All 1,275 donations, from the most common gift of $100 to those in the thousands of dollars, were welcomed and appreciated in helping the chapel remain at the heart of the University campus and community.

Because of donors’ generosity, the chapel will continue to serve as a guiding light for the next century and all those who learn, work and grow at the University — those who call this special place their home.

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