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We are Family for Life

During their time at UD, students ignite campus with ideas and spirit. Upon graduation, they venture into the world, prepared for a lifetime of success, fulfillment and service.
But a part of them always stays rooted here: Flyers are family for life.

Family Coming HomeReunion Class Photo

Every year, the University of Dayton Reunion Weekend is testament to those long-standing roots. This past June, 3,100 alumni, friends and family came to campus, making it the second-largest attendance in reunion history. And 130 alumni took it one step further, volunteering for events.

Volunteer Janet Kennedy Bentz ’95 explained why she enjoys being a part of Reunion Weekend: “It feels like Christmas morning did as a kid! Anticipating all the friendly Flyer faces that you’ve missed, knowing that you’re ‘home’ again. Then once on campus, reliving memories in the same place where you grew so much into adulthood ... Reunion Weekend is a priceless experience that we’re lucky to share.”

During the weekend, campus not only bursts with revelry as classmates and friends reunite, but alumni also show their support of the next generation of Flyers. This year, the Class Reunion Gift Fund raised an incredible $2.3 million, with $1.4 million of it coming from the class of 1965.

Such generosity speaks to the distinct nature of the Flyer family. As Keith Powers ’05 explained, “From the second that you step on campus, you can tell this is a special place. People come together at UD in a way that does not happen at many other colleges. And for those parents, siblings or spouses who did not attend UD themselves, they immediately become part of the family as well.”

Strengthening Our RootsI Love UD House & students

During “I Love UD” in February, we once again witnessed just how special our Flyer family is. Thanks to gifts from more than 800 alumni and friends, the campaign to build the “I Love UD” house was a success.

Constructing the five-bedroom, LEED-certified house was a way to honor and strengthen the student neighborhood — a place that brings back so many memories, including the seeds of lifelong friendships.

The house will also promote the University’s housing program, which rewards students for being engaged on campus. Through this program, students earn housing points for attending University events. Students with the most housing points are eligible for preferential housing, such as the coveted “I Love UD” house.

I love UD house paversA group of seniors who worked hard to obtain housing points now calls the “I Love UD” house their home. Among them is Sarah Stalder ’16, who expressed her deep appreciation for the honor of living in the house. “It has been such a blessing, and we are so grateful for this opportunity. I love the location of the house: close to campus, the RecPlex, Baujan Field and all of our friends. I know the house, with all of its amenities, will help alleviate some of the stress in everyday life … I have to thank all of the donors, especially the alumni, for making this the dream senior-living experience. I hope to give back someday, just like they did for us.”

And the I Love UD house itself acknowledges the benevolence of these donors, with pavers to honor substantial generosity and a banner of all donor names built into the foundation. It’s yet another way Flyers will always be rooted on campus.


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